The little things.

Hey everyone, the purpose of this post is to remember the old gameplay and aesthetic elements that made Halo CE a great sci-fi shooter! Specifically, I would like for you to post details minute or canonical in scale from Combat Evolved that you (and I) hope to see 343i implement in HALO CEA.

“Remember – The little things give you away”

After a quick play of Halo CE on the PC today, I knew that there are quite a few differences in gameplay and in lore.

Shield Regenerative System: That beeping sound after losing your shields was MUCH louder 10 years ago. It made you feel like your life was in peril. When your health was “in the red” faint breathing and a heartbeat became audible.

Fall Damage: People think Reach’s fall damage is bad, try CE. Not only did you take damage but you were stuck frozen for 1 second.

Character Models/Details: I know the series is dynamically changing. Reach being the most recent addition, naturally it would be easy to use them as models and it would make the most sense. I would however like to see more of the ORIGINAL models used. Here are some ideas…
-Grunt Curlback
-Elite cufflinks/glowing forearm protectors

  • Jackal skull cap
  • Flood, being able to shoot their arms off. This makes them harmless and they follow you around… like a pet.

Gameplay Details/ Multiplayer: (I’m using HALO PC as a reference)
Fuel rod has parabolic (arcing) trajectory; a man-portable howitzer. Reach’s fuel rod follows a linear path.

Vehicle Boarding-- when you board the tank you must bash it then insert the grenade (like halo 2)
Vechicles never die; only their drivers.

It should take multiple “pummels” to kill an elite. Not just 2.

I know this post is a bit disorganized. I am running out of ideas and this is my first post. But please, add anything on that I missed in terms of little details.

The game is exactly the same. Nothing is changed.

the game has changed alot i dont know what your talking about^