The "Little Things" You'd Like to See in Halo 5

This thread is like a Halo 5 wishlist thread, but instead for the small things, the little, possibly obscure, non deal-breaking aspects of the game you would be happy to see if they were put into the game. Your ideas could do with anything, gameplay, maybe new game modes, Halo lore, etc. Maybe even as far as adding new settings for existing game modes, or even extra IWHBYD lines for the grunts. You can get as precise and minute in detail as you want. This isn’t meant to be high on the list of urgent things to put in the game, just a grab bag of fun ideas that the community may want to put out there.

For example, I’m hoping even though the Race mode won’t be a playlist in matchmaking, we can at least use it in forge and custom games. If this were to happen, I wouldn’t mind seeing different settings such as changing how fast vehicles can go, or maybe even the color of the vehicles similar to how you could in Reach, and maybe an option for your vehicle’s colors to match with your spartan’s personalized armor. An improved lap timer/counter as well could be a nice touch as well, as well as showing more than two people’s scores at the bottom right for that mode…or actually showing your position (even though for forged tracks this would be difficult since the game would have to map those tracks out to be able to do that).

The point of this thread is to have fun. Put out whatever you can think of. Go crazy. Maybe 343i could put some of these little tidbits in anyway.

EDIT: I should probably mention that even if your ideas may not be practical, you can put it out there. I intended for this to be a discussion and place for players to get imaginative and creative and think of anything they want that might be at least slightly interesting to see. Doesn’t matter if it wouldn’t work, shoot anyway. Just have fun with it. Any small detail or little idea you can think of is fair game.

I want a compass on my HUD, like in ODST and Reach.

It’d be nice if 343 would ask the MP announcer (Jeff something…can’t remember right now, sorry), to do the classic inflections we all know and recognize him for. They asked him to change it up with Halo 4, and I personally didn’t like it at all. It’s something small, but I notice it whenever I play H2A or H4, and I’d love to hear him return to his original style in Halo 5.

Not sure if this is already implimented but perhaps for loading screens or in between or even in the armory add scenes with your spartan gettign ready kinda how to ntro to the halo championships is. or even add detail such as being on the shp so rather then going down a list and seeing your spartan next to the list of armor kinda have himin a spartan bay armor assembly macjine oyuo know just soemhting to not make the loading sscreens or the menus so boring like halo 4 was so boring it was simple but didnt wrap you in the lore of being a spartan i want to be smothered in a lore blanket of being the spartan i mean i like how they are maiing the screens relate to the visors but lets see what else they have.


“snapshot” is great, but there needs to be one better than “snapshot” for when you nail someone in the head while unscoped with the sniper rifle. I suggest going for the obvious “NO SCOPE”.

I’d also love to have a zoomable and labelled map of the … map as it’s loading, so that 1. we have something to do while loading and 2. we can study the map and devise strategies.

Typically, they have a general HUD for multiplayer. I think it’d be nice to have a different HUD for every helmet.

I can’t remember what it was like in the beta, but I hope there is a better indication you’re getting hit by needlers than in 4.

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> I want a compass on my HUD, like in ODST and Reach.

YES. im like the enemy is to the… that direction. I miss a compass.

I want the grunts to go flying crazy when their backpacks get destroyed, like reach.

An option to show our ping to host in-game to replace the “green bar” connection thing that doesn’t really give any good indication of connection quality. This would be fantastic for custom games.

You know I’d definitely love to see voice options like in Halo Reach… and maybe some armor effects as well

I want -Yoink!- physics back

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> I want -Yoink!- physics back

Halo3 and Odst was pretty hardcore with Tea bagging and how the bodies reacted!

Sorry for posting a billion times I’m just full of ideas today.

A page in the game menus that has up-to-date lists of the top 10 game and map variants that people are downloading and sharing.

The KD ratio being on the first page of the carnage report.

A concise “player” page that shows your Arena rank breakdown, your Warzone games played, what you currently look like, your K/D, and have it accessible from the carnage report (and so you can add friends from the carnage report).

A timeline (line graph) of your kills in the carnage report (so that you can locate and remember awesome moments from the game more easily if you want to go find them in a replay).

An option to save replays right from the carnage report after a game (without having to leave party or game lobby).

Replays having all of your kills timestamped and so that you can jump between them.

Option to turn the Killcam off, and the ‘ding’ sound of the hitmarkers.

Midget Spartans. Frankly it’s quite racist that there aren’t any.

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> Midget Spartans. Frankly it’s quite racist that there aren’t any.


Elites… Im sorry I know this has been said a lot but they should be back. And if they are i think they should bring in game types such as invasion or maybe have a thing in war zone in which you could be an elite working alongside spartans like halo 3 days. It could work lol.

Sandtrap remake.

A replacement for the ugly phantom explosion effects copy pasted from Halo 4.

I would have liked to see the Arbiter’s elites having their own armor sets rather than just repainted armor from Halo 4.

We already know the wraith is drastically different so I kinda hope(but doubt it) to see the classic wraith design included as well.