The lines are blurred

Is anyone else happy about the multiplayer (spartan ops and Standard MP) being set in the actual story?

I play most of my games for the story so for me this is just amazing, really makes it seem meaningful somehow.

Before there was just a spartan (or elite) you would play as in modes other than campaign. Now, you build your own spartan, take him out on ops, train on the Infinity.

Before, this character you would play as was just a guy (or gal) who had numerous missions and a whole history behind it, that has gone, replaced by YOU in your armour which you customize depending on your playing style.

So when you walk out the shop with the game, think of it as enlisting.

Yes sounds fun

yep its one of the best thing to happen to halo imo

Yes I agree with you, adding a strory to multiplayer is a great Idea. One of my Favorite things about Reach is the fact that the main guy is you and his/her armor is customized by you.

Spartan Ops is Basically a second Campaign.

This is going to be great IMO. It gives you the player more personality and well…makes it more fun and immerse. Spartan Ops will be interesting, as it reminds me of Reach’s campaign in that you play as your own Spartan and you are the hero.

It’s going to be so awesome!

I like the idea, I’m looking forward to it.

It seems 343 keep adding things that I personally love.

Yeah i dont know what all the Hate was about, ive had nothing but excitment for this game and the E3 Demo made that 10 times more, im more exited about this than H3