The Light at the End of the Tunnel

For those of you who can’t stand the game, there is still hope that you’ll find redeeming qualities in Halo 4. Contrary to your belief, 343 is actually working on a Title Update, which was announced earlier today.

Whether or not your personal “Halo-killer” is fixed is not a matter of why, but rather a matter of when. If it’s not fixed this time, then make your statement heard, preferably civilly, and they’ll get it taken care of.

The biggest ones that I’ve seen have been:
-Custom Games
-File Browser
-Underpowered vehicles

Well, there are also the counter-arguments that:
-DMR isn’t overpowered, but rather the BR and Carbine could use some beefing up
-Boltshot isn’t accurate enough
-People like Custom Games as they are
-Nothing for File Browser…
-Ordnance isn’t consistent enough
-Nothing for Forge…
-Vehicles are overpowered

It doesn’t matter which side you take, you’re going to be chewed out by someone else.

In the meantime, while 343 works out their FIRST Halo 4 TU, you should learn to use the weapons you hate being killed by, not get caught within 15 feet of a player, especially if you hear a Boltshot, and realize that things only feel out of balance because you don’t get to have as good of a K/D as you feel you deserve.