The Library doesn't provide Links to where we can Buy Halo Books, and Comics

which I find primarily odd, because there doesn’t seem to be any halo merchandise here except cups and shirts…
How do I find the merchandise provider that will best profit 343i?

i can go to INDIGO and buy the books, but who gets the Lion’s Share.*

I also loath Amazon, but if that’s who you would link me too, so be it. thats the source to sponsor the Server Quality we will need for a decade to come.

I get trying to find the best option to get money to creators, but 343 are a subsidiary of a literal trillion dollar company and they probably make the biggest bank from games and addons. If you want to support them, buy their games.

You said yourself that you don’t really like Amazon, find an alternative book store that you like and buy from them. That helps prevent Amazon from creating a book monopoly.

Regardless, wherever you buy your books from, cash gets back round to 343 at some point.

amen amen. amen to that but,

I mean, lets cut out the big corp brokering the deals,

and give it to the Worker.

Lets cut out all Microsofts’ brokers, and just sell from Studio

it was like when ALBION ONLINE was advertising to me, - via youtube, -

who am clearly a target market,

are they paying for adverts displayed? Because I’m a repeated VIEWER

HOW CAN THAT COUNT AS 2 advert fees when i’m one client.
a client who hasn’t the computer to PLAY ALbion Online with.****

the corps are screwy and take what they don’t deserve nor earn
and charge us for XBOX ONE CONTROLERS when the xboxOne Controller si garbage - absolute trash - and the 360 controller is God’s Handiwork.

Yeah don’t go to Amazon - bad people there. I deleted my account at the beginning of the year and I’ve saved so much money since. Not buying useless rubbish just for free delivery.

Yeah there’s loads of local and national book stores you should check out first.