The Librarian's appearance in Reclaimer

Not her physical appearance, but her presence in the level. Did anyone else feel that that segment felt rushed and unexpected? I get that it was meant to be a surprise, but to me it felt unexpected in the sense that there was absolutely no build up to her appearance. Sure, the Master Chief had friendly Sentinels guiding him, which was pretty telling that something big was going to happen. I think a main issue is that the cutscene was rather rushed, and could have been implemented better (everything else so far seems great, and even the Didact’s appearance was done a bit better). John gets pulled into a beam of light, then suddenly we are seeing a vision of him with the Librarian, and he immediately asks “Who are you?”, which comes off a big jarring. She then introduces herself right off the bat, with no other sort of build up to it, and goes on a long expository speech before any further questions can be asked. I think it is a good scene, it just was done too quickly and without enough buildup. So far, this has been my only real complaint about Halo 4’s campaign; I may not like the Didact popping up in the flesh as the new “big baddy”, but even that scene felt like it was done a bit better (we had a whole several levels building up to arriving at his Cryptum).

The Librarian definitely gave off a goddess vibe, and feels straight out of a mythological legend where a goddess or other spiritual figure speaks to the hero and imbues them with power. I definitely get that they were going for that archetype. It’s just a shame it was so rushed-feeling.

What are your thoughts on that scene and its execution?

it was pretty interesting not too exciting but interesting nonetheless