The "Level Playing Field" argument.

I don’t understand.

People keep saying Halo 4 puts people on an uneven playing field, but how?

The weapons, abilities, and perks are mostly balanced with one another, and you can choose whatever you want.

Maybe the concept of a class based game is foreign to you, which is reasonable since you all play arena shooters, but class based games are based upon varied but balanced loadouts and character stats.

Teams decide what classes they want on their team to counter the other classes, and mix up their strategy as they go. This is why you have five loadout options and a wide variety of perks.

This is more of an “Arena Shooter versus Class Shooter” argument than a “Competitive versus Casual” argument, both genres of the game have things that make them competitive. In my opinion Arena games rely more on skill whereas Class games rely more on strategy.

Halo 4 and Halo Reach have drifted from Halo’s roots, but loadouts aren’t what make it less competitive. It’s ordnance drops, poorly balanced abilities and other aspects that make it less competitive.