The level of complaining is embarrassing

yeah the amount of content is there but the GRINd THE GRIND!!!

The cumulative amount of people expressing various degrees of concern or negative reactions around elements in this game that aren’t awesome is big, yeah. Embarrassing, though? For you, why should it be? If you’re happy with the game as-is, you’ve got no reason whatsoever to feel embarrassed/ashamed/whatever on behalf of others. That’s great that the game is apparently firing on all cylinders for you, and I’m sure 343i would love to hear that praise.

It doesn’t work as well for others. Yes, there will always be some folks who just complain to complain and will never be happy with anything. That’s a comparatively small number of people, though, and I think most of the folks (myself included) who have some notable gripes and points of negative feedback with Infinite as it exists today are in the position of liking many aspects of this game and wanting it to soar even higher through improving the areas where it’s not working.

All feedback isn’t whining/complaining, even feedback you disagree with. Some fans are always going to go overboard and present their complaints in ways that are counterproductive to downright inappropriate, and that’s worth calling out and condemning when it occurs. But to pretend that everybody expressing discontent with the monetizion or any other element of the game is automatically in that category is silly.

If you personally don’t have anything but positive things to say about Infinite, start a thread encouraging others to share what they also love about this game. What you’re doing here is just asking for a giant pit of disagreement.


and asinine, to add to the list…

Always has to be someone to ruin it…

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Yeah 5 chopper ‘cannon’ kills and 10 splatters - could maybe swap them out but dunno, I have ‘some’ progress but it’s so slow in the current state

Right, not like it’s annoying to go from like 48+ default colors in Halo 5 just to get 10 in Halo Infinite and than have these guys try to sell us the other 38…

They tried to sell us the color brown. Not even a cool design using brown… Just brown…

It was basically Cadet brown but for 20 bucks.

They lack creativity and drip feed us basic content.
The cosmetics aren’t even worth buying. All you get is a short intro.

Reach made your Spartan part of the story and had firefight which made armor cosmetics worth it … this game you don’t even notice any cosmetics until after the match when they just split up all the teams unless your partied up.


Yeah i’m really hoping they change the lame color customization, i’d really like to recreate my halo 3 halo 4 color sheme…

I feel that ‘coatings’ should be presets and we can customize each part of it with default colors from the start (Those 48 colors maybe) and each armor coating we buy we either buy new colors or patterns like that one camo coating in the later part of the battle pass… sure this will limit coatings but it’d make them much more valuable i think… and add much more customization


I’m really hoping they rework it to allow armor coatings for each piece of armor.


yes exactly what i said above. But i had to edit it.


They only gave us 10 default colors and are trying to resell us the rest.

Scarlet wake was sold twice which is just basic red. One fore the Mk 7 and the other for the Mk 6.

Now they are trying to sell us brown, or tan.

Reach made armor cosmetics worth it. But Infinite you don’t notice it until after the match. I wouldn’t pay for something that I see in a small intro.

Maybe once this game gets some kind of PVE the cosmetic purchase would make sense


on that note colors should be unlocked for ALL cores… if we get that level of customization mentioned in previous comments.


I’d really like to see a third-person mode, at least in PvE and maybe custom games.


And worst of all, in it’s current state when 343 drops new Armor cores, players will have to start all over repurchasing the same colors as the ones you already bought won’t seem to transfer over.

That’s an assumption but based on how they lock so many things to one Armor core it’s seems like a safe one


Yup, right now the customization system really seems to push hard in the direction of then just being able to recycle content and drip feed it In order to make it look like it’s so much content

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I don’t really like how they limit that, i mean the mark V B has the mark VI helmet why can’t we put a mark V B helmet on the Mark VII i recall reading that the MArk VII had nanomechcanicle properties that allowed the armor to repair itself and even reshape itself.

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You know, I think armor cores might have made more sense in the campaign than multiplayer.
They could have had different benefits.

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Yea seriously. I can’t stand these constant posts complaining about complaining


yeah like the one samurai armor would have better melee or something along with a sword to use as melee

the mark V could offer perhaps some sort of special abilities that were later deemed obsolete and

the MK VII could offer like top of the line sheilds and recovery from attacks.


Yeah, that would’ve been cool and made sense.
I hope they’ll add something like that to the campaign eventually.

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What about the posts of people complaining about complainers complaining?

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wouldn’t that be post of people complaining about complaining, about complaining?

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