The level of complaining is embarrassing

considering they had to hire contractors that cycled out every 18 months i Don’t think they had unlimited resources, otherwise they would have hired full time employees.


They might be talking about the game having 6 years of development time and a budget of $500M (I’m not sure how much of that actually went into the game’s development).

Yup. I agree.

Having said that, this is nothing new in modern gaming - pretty much EVERY forum is like this these days. It’s an amazing thing to behold - grown men acting like spoiled children, demanding that what they want should override an entire game franchise.

If I were 343, I’d ignore every complaint and follow through with their own artistic vision of what they want Halo to be.

Customers will respond positively to good products - no amount of “fixing” a game (because of complaints) will change that.


Well, aren’t you a successful buisnesss that DEFINTLY DID NOT go bankrupt because they didn’t listen to their fans and instead ignored them…


Because modern gaming is awful.
Microtransactions, subscriptions, incomplete games, bug-ridden games, online-only games, etc.


Ya I knew about the 6 year development time (it’s a solid amount of time to develop the game IMO) 500 million doesn’t go as far as people think over 6 years (granted its still a very healthy budget in comparison to other AAA titles). Wages, insurance, infrastructure, software licensing, etc.

It would be foolish to say they had unlimited resources as one of the hardest resources to find is reliable skilled labor.

You are exactly wrong.

"If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses .”

  • Henry Ford

Some games have had less than a third of that and still had far more content than Infinite has had.
It’s been mentioned before that Infinite just had bad management.


To each their own, but I couldn’t disagree more.

A free to play Halo multiplayer is an incredible advancement. I’m more than happy to put up with 100% totally optional microtransactions for a free game. It is an amazing trade-off.

But what did horses pull? What henry ford made was essentially a horseless buggy…

Lmao… now you just look silly.

There’s a difference between advancement and change.

Also, while free-to-play is a good idea for multiplayer games, it’s often not used in a way that benefits players anywhere near as much as it benefits companies.


If you’d have gone with that in today’s world though you would have gotten a very crappy game that no one asked for and almost no one would buy.

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How about you mind your business? I’ll ask for your opinion when I need it.


Couldn’t agree more. You can see it on the devs faces in interviews, they were/are not happy with some of the decisions the suits were/are making.

I’m more just bringing to light that unlimited resources is definitely not a thing.

I have full faith that 343 will continue to improve the game over the course of it’s life cycle and they are definitely proving that to be the case.

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My last two are vehicle related and are obviously easier to get in BTB… which takes an eternity to get into a game because the playlist is screwed.


Vehilce ones? besides killing people with the ghost plasma cannons?

I’ve only played a few other games with BP’s and a Store and this is different than both of those, so I’m not exactly sure what point you are making, other than, you to can whine and complain about others whining and complaining…



it seems to me like that is the case and i hope they do improve it I hope store prices drop and we get a larger storefront which will help with lower prices I think because now you have multiple items I think all the pages of the store should look like the HCS one, with some seperate weekly and daily speciels maybe


Don’t waste your money on rehashed cash grabs!