The Legacy Thumbstick Layouts have a pretty severe issue in Halo Infinite

Hey everyone, im just here to inform 343 about the Legacy Thumbstick Layout being broken. I spent a lot of time collecting and organizing information about this problem so that i could present it to the devs in a way that’s easy and simple to understand.

To put it bluntly, Legacy controls in Halo Infinite have heavily restricted camera functionality that is not present in the early Halo titles (1, 2 and 3). Additionally, this issue is present in the Destiny titles that Bungie makes, however i have never encountered this problem with Legacy outside of Halo or Destiny. I do not believe it is a coincidence that Bungie created both of these franchises. They surely had a hand in creating this issue.

While using my Legacy Thumbstick Layout that I’ve used in console shooters for the past 25 years, in Halo Infinite, Strafing to the left or right severely restricts Up and Down camera functionality in 2 different ways. Please watch the video i have made just for you to see. I made it specifically to help you (343i) better understand this problem, because simply writing about it in a post like this is nowhere near as good as a visual aid with a concurrent, running voice explanation of what is going on.

So here’s the video, and thank you for taking the time out to investigate this, because i can’t play the game if the Look Controls do not function. Also, there are 2 other supporting videos linked in the bottom of the description of this video. One of them is 45 minutes long, and shows which Halo titles have proper functioning Legacy controls, and which ones have the broken version. The other supporting video is from eternal dahaka, and he shows this issue in real time, in a technical way that my videos don’t.

These forums don’t seem to allow YouTube links, so instead you’ll have to go to YouTube and search for the title of the video, which is:

Halo Infinite’s “broken” Legacy Thumbstick Layout

The creator of this video is Eliot Leisure. Thats me.


So i made a thread talking about aiming in Infinite when the game first came out and i made a control scheme you might like in it.

As a long time Halo player the legacy controls presets are just not an option. Scoping in using the right stick just does not work. It always causes me to miss shots and once descoped its not a good idea to try to scope in again.

This won’t fix your issue per say but maybe it can help you out. Below is the title and below that the link to the post. Good luck out there.

Need help aiming in Infinite? (if it feels off to you try this set up for controllers)

Ah, i see. We’re talking about 2 different things. Im talking about a thumbstick layout and youre talking about button mapping. Nice post though, thanks