The leavers will RUIN your multiplayer exactly how it happened "GEARS 5"

Thank you for focusing on an actual problem and not contributing to the redundant whining of players who want to play Spartan dress up.

I think your solutions are a bit draconian, but I feel you.

One of the big things about leavers right now is that you can verify if they left intentionally or accidentally. Lots of crashes going unreported or buried by the rant posts about monetization. If the ability to rejoin a dropped ranked match could be implemented like it is in Quickplay it would go a long way to keeping players around. This is standard fare for nearly all modern competitive titles, and it bewilders me that it’s not in this game.

On top of that, introducing a 120 second warmup period to allow players to establish a connection rather than drop them into a game mode not knowing what’ll happen goes a long way too. CSGO does this to ensure teams do connect to a match and dropped players are given a chance to redeem themselves, and if not the match gets cancelled before one team can take advantage of the handicap.


  • Allow dropped players to rejoin matches
  • Include a warmup timer before a match starts to ensure both teams connect.
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So you only play this game for one game mode?

How about taking some personally responsibility and consider that Competitive Ranked is not a space to be pursuing casual XP gains?

That’s actually one of the bigger problems we’re facing now. The biggest issue with Ranked is (IMO) is that disconnected players cannot rejoin in progress. It’s difficult to suggest that dropped players are dropping on purpose when crashes are occurring commonly enough to be considered an issue.

I’ve played with about 3 players I know personally who did drop for various reasons (internet, game, and pc) and couldn’t reconnect to the match we queued for. Being able to rejoin is standard practice in nearly every competitive title being played today. And it needs to be included here.

Tell me you’re not a competitive gamer without telling me you’re not a competitive gamer.

Either that or you’re openly encouraging smurfs.

Bronze is not a punishment my guy, Bronze is a skill tier. If you quit so many times that you get demoted from Plat to Bronze then you’re going to ruin a lot of Bronze matches. Temp/perma bans in tandem with rank drops and jail lobbies are the best way to handle this to prevent players from cheesing the system. It’s why they are used in so many games effectively.

Which they’re going to do, right now it’s just for stability purposes. This is a temporary setback.

  1. If you’re doing this in Ranked you’re a terrible human being.

  2. You will be able to pick your gamemode eventually, but being in beta they’re lumping playlists together for stability purposes. Being childish will only land you in a deserved timeout.


Sadly I saw how the competitive GEARS 5 was destroyed by the “Leavers”

On an xbox you can have 10 profiles like that and people abused multi-accounts. Gears 5 went from 20M → 100k in less than 3 months and halo-infinite is “FLYING” for the same destination.

What I suggest is

2 accounts per “GAME-PASS-ULTIMATE” and each of the accounts will need a “phone-number” in order to play competitively. “You and the friend you share the gamepass with”

If you leave a “Ranked” game, you must win 2 quickplay and wait for the 30 minutes banned. Penalties will increase

If the person continues to leave the games then the xbox / pc will have a hardware ban the rest of the “season”.

It’s so amusing and sad that the same time this discussion is still active… after 6 years of H5. There ARE ways to prevent quitting… banning people is not one of them.

Either 343 was too lazy to work on them and they simply don’t care, or there was no time because of poor project managing to implement them.

Quitting is not a community problem, quitting is a design problem.

edit: the suggestions of the OP are utter BS… implement it and you can directly shut down the servers because the game will die in week.

I have to give you my phone number so you can punish me when my kid cries? yeah of course, and here are 200 bucks for some armor colors as well. LOL.

Banning is absolutely necessary at times though.

If you’re someone who’s constantly leaving matches of your own volition you shouldn’t be in that mode to begin with and the game is enforcing that. Throwers, team killers, cheaters, AFK-ers are all player types who need to be taken seriously and punished accordingly. It might not make them happy or be the politically correct thing to do, but it’s clear that in the mode offering a serious outlet for serious players, they’re not taking things very seriously at all.

That being said, the current system is also not receptive to the idea that leavers (for a multitude of reasons primarily being beta/instability related) aren’t always leaving intentionally. I’d wager that about 60% of them are accidental or out of the players’ control, and many of them would like a way to reconnect. I don’t think you’d see as many 3v4 matches popping up if this was rectified.


It shows that you haven’t played competitive FPS in the last few years?

The phone-numbers used to register your account so you can access competitive. They send you a text with a code and that enables your account. This system is used to avoid “smurfs” or “leavers” “trolls” in other titles, even CoD-Warzone has it.

Do not think that 343 is going to be calling you at home to scold you because you left a game / facepalm

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What fo you achieve by banning people? Decreasing the player base, you still have 3:4 games, you encourage AFK…

we all know tha ban system worked great in h5, right?^^

For now, just use the feedback system. Hopefully modes are coming. Halo 5 had a good amount and loved the weekly rotating option as well.

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With the requirements that I am asking, the one who will “get tired” will be you. So you will have two options or you continue “Trolling” the game or you just leave the game.

With asking for your Phone number so that you can play competitively and restrict to two profiles maximum per xbox console. I already take away the opportunity to do multi-accounts.

By forcing you to “WIN” two quickplay games plus your 30 minute penalty, I’m already forcing you to play seriously and I’m going against your “troll” psychology which is ruining games, as long as you don’t win those two games, you don’t put your foot in it. competitive.

It is very easy to get taken out of the game by AFK. It simply calculates the player’s “actions per minute” and the “damage he does”. Basically if you are not helping your team with the damage constantly the system will take you out and it will give you the beloved leaver penalty

As you see it, no matter how much you try to “ruin the games for the other players” the one who will get tired will be you.

Putting a slayer mode in quick-play would not be a bad idea, 95% of people get tired of “killing” like crazy and yourself would seek to replay or objectives this is not 1998 where you played doom / quake to kill without sense

as i said, forcing and punishing people is plane a lazy alternative to good and well thought design.

If you can’t keep people in games, think about why they are leaving.

Beside: don’t act as if ranked online is such a serious business. Before going the all pro route, 343 should think about balancing and technical issues like tick rate and hit registration.

And another note: im playing for 4 hours straight (ranked only as usual) and i haven’t seen ONE quitter. Beside the fact I had NO Slayer game.

one more: writing stuff in caps ain’t making it more true :wink:

edit: love your “slayer is so 1998, 95% wanna play objective”. Lol, have even played Halo before Infinite?!


Or just let us pick what we want to play.

Also LOL you have to text a number, my god. It’s a game. Who TF cares about rank?

They are punished anywhere for not complying with the rules. If you behave indecently at work, school, a friend’s house, your parents’ house, or in your own home. There will be consequences, abandoning intencialmenet games to sabotage the gameplay of 7 other people is a “Major” fault and deserves exemplary punishment.

You think that people are going to behave with politeness for the good that has never happened or will happen, otherwise there would be no leavers or trolls.

Most of all players only play to “Compete for Rank”. In my list of friends, the vast majority play for rank and only those who are already close to 40 years old, with family and 48-hour-week jobs are those who are not interested in rank.

Rank is the core of competitive play in your game.

They did that in Gears 4 and Gears 5, they allowed you to choose the game mode freely. 99% of the playerbase only played “TDM” leaving the other modes to die and it was one of the reasons why the competitive Gears-5 died after 3 months

It was impossible to play Koth, Guardian, dodgeball. It was infested with “Trolls” ". If they do the same in HALO, it will be impossible to play CTF, Stronhold and ball mode.

In overwatch it has worked PERFECT to put random the game mode, at first there were many cries but the people who stayed in the game got used to it and now they know how to play all the modes equally.

The alternative is to put a mode like APEX-ARENAS in HALO-INFINITE with “Rank” and sharing the penalties with the normal “Rank” mode. If someone wants to play EXCLUSIVELY to kill themselves, then HALO-ARENA would be the solution without “MOVING” Nothing to the current game

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Halo isn’t Gears or Overwatch. Slayer is the legacy mode majority of the playebase has always played. Either they give us the ability to pick or people will continue to quit.

I don’t get the point of forcing people to play specific modes.

Gears 5 died because Gears 5 is a bad Gears game. Not because they let you pick what you want to play. At the peak of Gears 2/3/4 you could find a match in TDM, Guardian, KOTH, and even Execution. Competitively it’s a -Yoink!- mess. Instead of actually doing what needed to be done and removing wallbounce cancel and reworking weapons they double down on the Gears 4 core design and add a -Yoink!- ton of bloom to Lancer then put in all this bull -Yoink!- to nerf wall bounce cancel like delays and cooldown. Gears UE is and always will be the epitome of the series because that game actually takes a lot of skill and is rewarding if you are good. No BS mechanics, just fundamental Gears gameplay.

No one wants to play these modes in Halo and forcing them to do it will just make them play something else. So in either case you lose players, only in 1 case the ones that stay are at least happy with it.

Tell me, do you want to be playing Oddball? Strongholds? If you answer yes I’m just gonna go ahead and call BS because Halo has always been about Slayer and CTF.

Also Don’t compare to Overwatch. A hero oriented shooter with fixed objective modes for fixed maps and no deathmatch is not the same as Halo.


The evidence is there, if you prefer to close your eyes and deny it is your problem. Both Gears 4 and Gears 5 both let you freely choose the game mode and people ONLY played TDM leaving KoTH, Guardian and dodgeball to such an extent that it was impossible to “Play” them.

I skip the authority of tc / 343. Microsoft for sure observed Overwatch 2016-2018 maintained 40m-50m of active players and today that OVERWATCH is dead it has 7.3m of still active users vs Gears 5 that do not even exceed 50k.

You are telling microsoft. ALL the multiplayer experience that you have obtained from 2016 to 2021 “DOES NOT SERVE” make the same mistake again for 3 times.

There will be custom-games with slayer mode only I invite you to play there. You do not need to play rank / quickplay also enter the custom-games to play your slayer and leave Rank alone

Gears 5 bad game? If it has better graphics than halo-infinite, it has many characters, much better cosmetics, the game is well optimized and when it came out it reached 20M active users.

Halo-infinite is looking to revive a dead SAGA that for 10 years by halo 4 and 5 was buried.

Again, Gears 5 died because it was a bad game not because you could pick what you wanted. Gears 3 let you pick and every playlist was full at peak, EVEN Captrue The Leader which I know because I have 5k games and played it like crazy.

Letting people choose does not kill a game. Making a bad game kills a game.


Having played 5k games in h3 and almost 5k in h5, mostly ranked, just leave me speechless with some arguments from the OP. Seriously, if you don’t know Halo and comparing it to GoW, Overwatch and Apex, every further discussion is meaningless.

Oh, and please don’t compare real life rules with some game which is suppose to make fun, playing with completely random people. Keep in line with the code of conduct by not insulting or harassing people bit don’t get so whiny about guys making it harder to win for you by leaving the game. It’s just ridiculous. Don’t act like it’s the end of the world.

Oh, one mor thing:

I rather have people quitting instead of staying in the game and go -15. Quits right at the start suck, yes… but if we get stomped after 3 minutes I rather get it over with quickly.

I have 25k hours in Gears Of War since Gears 1 to Gears 4. Most of it is in Gears 1, 2 and 3. I ran tournaments for the first 3 games. Gears 5 is a bad game. I quit playing because it is a bad game. TC doubles down on wallbounce cancel, a mechanic they have been trying to nerf since Gears 2 with stopping power, and overtuned Lancer/Gnasher instead of doing what UE did right and that’s no wallbounce cancel, less range on Gnasher, and a relatively weak Lancer with no stopping power. Gears 5 is a joke of a Gears game. It’s awful, everything from the open map design to using core tuning to the omen. Everything about it is pretty bad. Gears 4 had a chance and I wish they woulda just made competitive tuning the standard but that’s not how it went.

If you want to sit here and tell me Gears 5 is a good game and it only died because you could pick what mode you wanted to play there is no further discussion. Gears 5 is awful.

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No, but I do get sick of playing back to back stockpiles.
Which happens very often.

The rules of good behavior are not linked only to RL, if you enter twitch, youtube, instagram, facebook and twitter to insult people and have bad behavior. They will apply severe punishments

Going into RANKED and wasting 7 people’s time is a considerable offense. There are people who, after working 8 hours, come home, tired and with limited time. Then you appear to “RUIN their games”

We could ask that worker who leaves home at 8am and returns at 5pm. If he’s happy that you ruin his free time with your toxic attitude.

“According” your gears 5 is a bad game which beats gears 4 in all mobility, graphics, responsiveness and a shotgun which did not destroy you with 1 hit as in gears 3 and core gears 4.

But it had nothing to do with the fact that GUARDIAN, KOTH and DODGEBALL were dead-modes infested with “trolls” and “leavers”. That you were forced to play TDM 99% of the time and that even in that mode there would be an absurd amount of “leavers” because the xbox allows you to create 10 profiles on the console so you could sabotage the game at your leisure.

Are you telling me that if GEARS 5 had the same “tune of weapons” of gears 3 but the amount of leavers that were in the 5 right now would it be alive?

I’m sorry to tell you that without a solid RANKED your game has no FUTURE. We are not 20 years ago where people played quick-play or custom games to pass the time and were not interested in competing