The leavers will RUIN your multiplayer exactly how it happened "GEARS 5"

The leavers will RUIN your multiplayer if you do not introduce more severe penalties.

In 10 games 7 had leavers all in “COMPETITIVE”. If you don’t put MEASURES to stop this your multiplayer will have the same fate as GEARS 4 and 5. In GEARS 5 it started with 10M + users the first weeks but the “Quiters” ruined the game.

These are the measures that you must impose for LEAVERS “343”. Otherwise HALO-INFINITE is going to be a total FAILURE.

  • Request a “SMARTPHONE” NUMBER to be able to play competitively by “Account”.
  • When someone leaves a competitive game, force them to WIN 2 quick-play games
  • The leaver penalties must go 30 minutes, 60, 120, 240 and 24 hours per day.
  • If the season lasts 90 days, the maximum number of “Quits” that you can do is 30 if you exceed those these perma-banned of the current season.

343 that you do not understand that the HALO haters are trying to SABOTATE your game and you allow them to beIng so soft.


At the moment it isn’t just a lot of people quitting, but crashing. Maybe once they fix the crashing problems they can get around to leave penalties for ranked matches.


I’ll stop leaving games when I can just play Slayer.


If you’re queuing ranked games knowing that you’re going to quit anything thats not slayer then you’re a PoS.

If its quickplay then w/e.


Maybe I won’t leave games so much if we have playlists to queue for the games I want.


I hope you get BAN as fast possible cuz yeah this exactly the kind of “players” you dont want have on a multiplayer game.

Halo is a TEAM-OBJECTIVE-BASED FPS not a BRAINDEAD kill FPS like CoD, Battlefield, fornite. If you only want to play SLAYER go to CoD nobody needs you in halo


The man just wants to play Slayer. It isn’t his fault that 343i made it so we can’t choose which mode we’d like to play.


All TEAM-BASED games with objectives are like this.

OVERWATCH does not let you choose the mode
PALADINS won’t let you choose the mode

If that guy just wants to play slayer and he “comes out” when he’s not his turn, he’s RUINING the game for 7 more people, I’ll repeat it. HALO is not an “FFA” this game is about objectives

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Halo has always allowed you to choose the mode. The comparisons you’re making to other games don’t make sense to me.


Don’t care, I wanna play Slayer.


I repeat, I hope they ban you soon so we get rid of one more leaver and I ask, ARE THE MODERATORS AWAKE AND READING?

They are accepting them in the FACE of their fury “I’M LEAVING THE GAMES I DON’T CARE” I’m just going to play slayer. Seriously MODS are there? is TROLLING in your FACE shamelessly


Here’s a better option: let us choose to play Slayer like literally every other Halo game did before. That way I’m happy because I get to play slayer, and you’re happy because I don’t have to quit anymore.

Everyone will be better off if we can choose to play the game modes we want.


100% with you on that.

@CrAZYVIC333: The devs ruined Gears 5 completely by themselves by drip feeding content, total lack of maps, a very lackluster selection of characters (iconic characters weren’t playable for months) and a predatory integration of a store with tons of microtransactions.

They also messed up horde by restricting skills to characters (was fixed after a year or so LOL) and changed the weapon balance like every 2 months and had to rework the entire ranked system from the release version.

Almost nobody liked the open world aspects of the campaign because it felt uninspired and took a lot of the flow out of the gameplay by adding “Drive to this location and do some mundane stuff”.

Do any of these points sound familiar? :wink:

Your suggestions are one of the most useless and worst ideas I have ever read in my entire life.


there are def people who are quitting but i honestly feel that its the game crashing majority of the time. i’m usually crashing at least 2-3 times per session.


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OK. If quitting is going to get me banned than I will AFK because realistically that’s what this quit-ban system has been encouraging since Halo Reach.

A quit in ranked should just count as a loss and demote your rank so you eventually you get squared up with bronze noobies.

Sidenote. OP you need to chill.


Sure you have you objective games. On the other hand Halo, especially competitive Halo, has also been equally about slayer. Halo has also always allowed players to pick which game mode they would want to play instead of the RNG system we have in the BETA.
You need to accept these facts before you tell others that they should not play Halo, because right now you sound like you have no idea what you are talking about.


Take it with 343 for removing the play lists, and forcing asinine arbitrary challenges


Or just add more playlists. Make Ranked non join in progress and social with join in progress.

if you think it’s ok to afk during ranked, we consider your opinion null. Don’t que ranked if you’re not gonna play the game modes that are in ranked. Yes, if you quit, it counts as a loss… but you cannot just be unpunished for leaving because you are also affecting 3 other people.


How about they change the incentive to play games by not locking challenges to game modes or having game modes separated instead of your insane punishment ideas.