The Last Spartan returns? Is possible?

Will Last Spartan return? It is missed and when there are events it is found quickly. People ask for content and when they have new stuff they take it down and I don’t get it. This mode was good and just fixing some details would be better. And although it was never the most played, the fact of having it gave the Multiplayer a plus. I hope they rethink it.

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I definitely had fun with it but only played it when the event was on. Kinda miss it.

I suspect it will be rotational in due course

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I personally despised it, I think Battle Royal modes work better when its team based. I know that it was alot of peoples absolute favorite however, and if its inclusions is necesarry to boost those sweet sweet population numbers, its worth the sacrifice of one of 343’s apperently very limited playlist slots.

It was the least played playlist by far. But I’d imagine it’ll be rotational in the future.