The last set of PAX tickets from the 343 Twitter...

Did they ever announce the random winners for the final contest? I’ve been checking the 343 Twitter for a couple of days and still no winners have been announced that I’ve seen. I’ve even asked around on it and nobody is responding at all.

Thanks guys

I’ve been watching the Twitter too and seeing people @ HaloWaypoint and asking and yet there’s been no response. I was surprised we had to wait till Monday, and then Monday came and they completely ignored it. I am so ready to buy my plane ticket and hotel too, which would be my first vacation and trip of my life at the age of 24.

This was my picture I sent in for the final round.

Sorry for the lack of information!

Friday’s winners were dm-ed, and the winners’ pictures will more than likely be included in this week’s Bulletin.


Well that was a depressing way to end my night. Thanks for letting us know so quickly though.



Direct Message.

No one in here Twitter savvy?

> Direct Message.
> No one in here Twitter savvy?

Was about to say this.

> Direct Message.
> No one in here Twitter savvy?

No sir :open_mouth:

Off to the eBay then!

All the passes on eBay have been going for ~$300.

like $150-200

> :open_mouth:
> like $150-200

If I could get one for $150 I’d do it in a flash.

Every single one I’ve watched went over $300.