the last patches somewhere else than Win Store ?

Is it possible to find the patches anywhere else than Win store ? Seriously that s**** is getting me sick. It’s been a week and a half and it keeps resetting the download EVERYTIME i hit the pause button.
I even tried to DL through some nights, and i don’t know why or how, my PC just rebooted and the download resetted.

Don’t get me wrong, i love HW2. But i’d love it even more if i could play the game without waiting days for the store to download the damn 11gb patch. I don’t have an optical fiber connection (courtesy of my IAP and the city i live in) si for me it can take a whole day on steam or blizzard to get 11gb done. But on Windows store it even slower. And that’s only when i’m the only one using the connection at home.

So please tell me there’s another way to get the patch.