The last map: thoughts...

“Vortex”, the last map (presumably) for the launch map-list lineup, looks like it’s a mix between Breakpoint from Halo:Reach and Burial Mounds from Halo 2. That’s just my assesment from seeing the little bit of it that we have seen so far.

Anyone else think so? How do you think this map will play?

I honestly am not bothered by the lack of really small maps. Sprint would make those maps play very, very awkwardly, I think. Not to mention AA’s would also hamstring them quite a bit, too. I think the reason people are getting so worried and let-down by the smaller maps is because they haven’t played Halo 4 just yet, so they don’t really realize that the game plays faster than Halo 2 & 3. I’m fairly certain 343 knows what they’re doing, people; I mean, they play-test the heck out of this game, and they’re all very intelligent, very experienced game developers and designers. Plus, they’re Halo fans just like us. I’m absolutely certain they’d notice if all the maps they have are “too big” and don’t play well. I’m also fairly certain they’ve probably tried smaller maps before, and came to the same conclusion I did earlier in this post.

Shall we just wait and see before we start writing our last wills and testaments?

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

I liked it. Very cool look to it. Can’t wait for the walkthrough of it:)

Do you think they’ll save that one for last? I think they will. But then again, they’ve been really liberal with revealing info recently, so who knows?