The last 2 weeks are a masterclass in how NOT to create Ultimate Challenges

Just like the topic says - the last two week are a perfect example of what 343 should NOT to do while creating weekly challenges.
Last week it was Killjoys, which basically asked you to play badly and let the other team kill you and your mates. Basically is asked you to feed the other team, which is the literal antithesis of any multiplayer game. But at least it gave you a cool reward.

This week we have a very lacklustre reward in the form of a emblem background. On top of that you need to get three flag wins. IN RANKED! I mean, come on, getting the CTF game mode is pretty difficult by itself, but in social you can always quit out and try again. But if you care about your rank even slightly you have to play game after game, after game, hoping that you’ll finally get Flags and a team that will be able to win. It’s not fun, it’s a chore. And we all have enough of those in real life.

After trying to finish this week’s challenge for a couple of days, I’ve had enough. It broke me - this is the first Ultimate Challenge since this game’s launch that I won’t get.

BTW. Git gud, yeah, I know :wink:


These challenges weren’t made by a guy that plays video games so how was he supposed to know that the gameplay you’re forced into in order to get these weeklies done is terrible?