The Lag

Recently Halo 5 started lagging bad on me to the point where it’s borderline unplayable. I’ve never had issues like this in a Halo game before. Teammates and enemies seemingly teleport and it’s taking ages to even connect to the servers itself. Is this a server issue or did my internet just suddenly turn to crap and ruin the one game I was waiting for in 2015?

I just played tonight for the first time in a few weeks, and I haven’t noticed a difference. There’s no lag on my end, at least not to the degree that I’d say anyone was “teleporting”. Regarding connecting / finding opponents, I’d say it’s faster now for me than over the past few months. I’d assumed that it was just due to an abundance of new players who got an Xbox / Halo for Christmas, but that’s only a guess.

For reference, I have a 35/5 Mbps cable connection to the house, and a pretty weak WiFi connection between my router and the Xbox One. Given how grainy Netflix can get, I’m actually amazed at how smooth Halo (and other games) is in multiplayer. Do you notice a lag in other games / devices in your building, or is it just limited to Halo?

What country are you both from?

if you have a bad internet conection the lag is normal

Depends on where you are. People who are in NA are having zero to some lag. Depending on their provider/modem/router.

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> if you have a bad internet conection the lag is normal

Me too - lag is the same…

I lag out like 5 times in a game.

Where are the dedicated servers at?

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> Where are the dedicated servers at?

My guess in washington state, us. Just a guess ppl.

They need more servers in more places.
No reason ppl in the same country as them need to lag out of games, it gets worse the more distance the player is. Thats why youre hearing people from other countries complain about it. I feel for them.

Is anyone going to fix the lag issue in Halo 5

We need this fixed. I just check xbox live status and its up and running.

I died in a flight (I don’t know how to call it, I I’m Italian I don’t know the English name an these is the translation) when I the match started falling down the map

I experienced it a lot this weekend. Never had a problem before but I was “rubber banding” all over the place. Throw a grenade, wait…there it goes. One guy dropped down in front of me three times. Good times.

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> What country are you both from?

USA, East coast.