The lack of playlists makes me not want to play the game

Seriously. My friends and I prefer 4v4 but cannot stand some of the game types in the quick play playlist. Oddball and Strongholds are the sweatiest game modes I have ever played. I do not want to play them when casually playing Halo. Put them in ranked, I don’t care, but we are seriously discussing going back to MCC because playlist wise nothing fits what we want to do.

There is no reason that this game cannot and should not rip the match composer from MCC. Let us pick the game types that we play and queue into all of them or only one of them if that is what we want to do. It’s ridiculous.


I mean, it’s a beta man, this is pretty par for the course. I’m sure the full release will have more specific playlists.

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This excuse means nothing. The game is not in beta. 343i themselves have already said that what we have now is what we would have gotten on December 8th. It’s the full release of the multiplayer.


I agree with Luke, nowadays betas are no longer valid excuses nor do they ever really allow much time for the devs to ever make meaningful change to the game before launch. Thus what we have now is a heads up on the intro problems to the game and we need to ask ourselves are we alright with that for purchase.


It really would be nice to have separated playlists. All four of my last weekly challenge have to do with ctf.

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at launch of MCC they pulled this same nonsense. you want to play halo 3? then you dont get to pick what game type. you want to play slayer? enjoy it randomly selecting which game from. it was so bad i dont know anyone who bothered to install that game ever again.

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Yeah it baffles me that they didn’t just copy what they had in the MCC for this. I’m really really hoping that people are correct in saying its only like this for the beta but I have a feeling its not. I think 343 needs to come out and set the record straight one way or the other. If its like this on Dec. 8th I’m done playing until they bring them back.

Merged and randomized playlists completely bites. We don’t even get to vote for the mode!

(Although, we haven’t had that since Halo 4…)

They’ve said this is how the MP will launch on December 8- they’re only adding one additional rotating playlist. “It’s just a beta” isn’t a valid excuse anymore.

Genuinely will quit the game if the full launch doesn’t have dedicated playlists, that would be so pathetic.

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I was going to reply that in beta they are usually getting players to play all the modes to give them a shakedown make sure it’s playing how they want.

However, it seems 343 has said basically “what you see is what you’re getting” which is a disappointment honestly.

I’ll not be playing this long if I can’t play simple slayer when I want to. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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It’s so disappointing. I find myself wanting to like this game more than I actually like it. It’s like 343i understands that the gameplay is good and they are using that as leverage to -Yoink!- everything else up lol

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I’ve spent more time talking about this game on the forums than I’ve spent actually playing it. Issue with me of course, but oh my goodness.

I’m practically selling it to myself sometimes.