The lack of game modes is ridiculous

The fact that there is 3 game modes is a travesty. The game isnt even fun because I can play 3 game modes all of which are pure RNG bullcrap. Play the game modes where the game type is totally random or play the game mode where the weapons are totally random. 343 is hot garbage and like I said multiple times before; the best thing Xbox can do for this franchise is take it away from 343 and let that trash company burn. Been playing since halo 1 and this game is by faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar the least enjoyable Halo I’ve ever played and the most pocket robbing, overpriced, garbage cosmetics I’ve ever seen. Samurai armor from 3 is still better than anything the 3yr old kids with crayons you employ now are even capable of making. This franchise is dead and when it goes away so does 343, thankfully.