The lack of fall damage in Infinite makes world exploration low stakes and less fun

The first time I was scaling a large building and missed a crucial grappling hook and began falling, I was fully expecting to hit the ground and die. Upon taking zero damage, I was actually pretty disappointed. If there’s no fall damage whatsoever, there’s no imperative to nail a clutch grappling hook. No stakes. Taking away the danger just makes exploring feel boring and safe.

I’d like to see fall damage introduced, though it should be very forgiving, requiring a very large height to actually die. Hell, maybe even keep zero fall damage on easy mode.


Nope, nah, nada, null, zip, no thank you. Go listen to the Halo 2 Artifacts podcast and that will explain why.

In a shorter answer: Spartan Super Soldier, why would they have fall damage?


they may be a super soldier… but gravity is MF gravity! 1000 pounds against the human body isn’t going to bode well, no matter what you say about the augmentations. now okay, i get not wanting heavy amounts of fall damage (akin to CE) but a little bit of damage, even from the tallest of heights, would make sense and not be a burden as it’s just a small bit of damage.
heck, chief had to LOCK HIS ARMOR when falling from space in H3 to survive. and presumably, so did Noble 6 in the opening to ‘exodus’ limping and checking himself, clearly shook by the fall. or in ‘tip of the spear’ when Jorge and 6 fell with the EMP falcon. despite them being fine… a fall was still a fall.
fall damage is in halo and should be in halo. but just like OP said, there should only be a little bit of it. like a pinch or a quarter of shielding from the tallest fall

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I think they should also add starvation/dehydration mechanics. And when you get injured, it takes days for it to heal, depending on the severity of the injury. And if you die, you can never ever play the game again. It’ll be super realistic and super high stakes.


I don’t put much stock into canonical answers to gameplay questions, whether they be for or against mechanics I like. There are tons of things in Infinite and every Halo game for that matter that would be different if we were going for complete lore accuracy. Exhibit A: grappling hook mechanics are totally silly in many ways. But is it fun? For sure.
Fun matters most.

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Actually let’s go the other way. Let’s have no stakes at all. Chief takes no damage from anything ever.

EDIT: I edited the salt out of my initial reply. I shouldn’t have assumed the worst. My bad.

Aw, why did you edit your original comment, the one where you call my reply a strawman?

Because your rationale has often been used to dismiss valid points about realism/fantasy balance and curtail productive discussion. But for all I know you could have been joking around. I shouldn’t assume the worst.

Let’s face it. Even if fall damage was in, you’d just grapple the floor and it’d cancel out.

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The design would have to account for that for sure.

In Halo 2 Chief uses an orbital drop pod, and in Halo 3, Chief’s massive fall requires a complete suit lock up so it doesn’t kill him, and even then, Cortana monologues about how lucky he is as it’s happening. Lore explanations for gameplay mechanics are often unhelpful, but even so, there’s plenty of lore that establishes Spartan fall damage. And then of course there’s all the other games… and the reason I mentioned, which no one has actually addressed.

Gonna disagree. I despise fall damage in most games. Just isn’t fun to me. I do however see how it can break immersion for those who are into realism

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You play on legendary mode Spartan that dies from two burst from the Pulse rifle. Dont bring out the “You are a super soldier” exuse if its notnapplied everywhere.

Lol GTFO with this. Fall damage would have RUINED the campaign. Being able to throw your body off the highest points on zeta halo and rocket towards the ground at terminal velocity is SO satisfying. Especially when you land right on top of unsuspecting banished outposts. So much fun.


Better yet, Chief is a super soldier and can’t die no matter what for the sake of super soldier reasons. Sounds logical right? The law of gravity and logic isnt defined by Chief.

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Dont tell me you get up every morning to do this for 2 hours a day living your life lol.

And he said increasingly high heights, there isnt a lot of that in Infinite so you shouldn’t be worried about dying. Even then, I dont think you should die from heights. Only take enough damage to see an impact from gravity.

this is the most backward thinking i have seen. the lack of fall damage makes it 10x more fun for me. getting to swing around and jump off mountains and sustain 0 damage makes it exhilarating. we do NOT need fall damage


Maybe they should add an option to turn fall damage on for people like you, but don’t try to ruin my game lol. It’s perfect the way it is with zero fall damage, it brings me back to the good o’l halo 2 multiplayer days where I could do anything and have no fall damage with it. I love climbing cliffs and jumping down into a banished camp to spook em and kill them. Or doing the fusion coil glitch to ascend to the top of the map and fall down wherever I can, it’s like having a super jump again. So this one is a no for me dog, but an argument could be made to introduce a setting, or maybe a skull that allows for fall damage to exist. If you did a poll nearly everyone would agree with me btw, the campaign is fun the way it is.

I could get behind this. The “cannonballing into the ground at unlimited heights should have zero impact on the player” argument shouldn’t be taken very seriously, but I can understand a death being too severe. At extreme heights, make Chief take a hit to his shields. If timing a grappling hook to avoid this damage is too much for the player, they’re better off on easy mode where it’s nearly impossible to die anyway.

I like the skull idea! A setting would be a bad solution, because opting in to more difficulty with no payoff just isn’t appealing. I also like the idea of Chief simply taking shield damage without dying. You can super jump with no danger of death to your heart’s content without gutting the feeling of consequences, which is every other aspect of Halo matters quite a bit.

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