The Killcam problem.....

Why not just have a playlist that has no Killcams?

They are.

Because Killcams don’t effect gameplay.

People are guessing killcams are only in Infinity modes, as that’s really all that’s been shown…

Other than that, killcams themselves are no problem, really…

> Because Killcams don’t effect gameplay.

Yes, yes they do.

I dont really care about killcams, personally.

> > Because Killcams don’t effect gameplay.
> Yes, yes they do.

How? They honestly don’t. And they are skipable. If you hate them because they came from cod than -Yoink-.

> Because Killcams don’t effect gameplay.

Agreed. Also, we can’t just have a separate playlist for every individual because they don’t like something. The more playlists we have the further divided the community becomes. This is why we vote on the game type.

First you pick a general game, Like Team Slayer or BTB, then you pick a very specific game type.

I enjoyed the days when developers made games and we consumers just played them and adapted to whatever rules and gameplay they gave us.

Killcams are a problem. For example: The guy I just killed won’t be able to see me Victory Crouch him and instead only see me battle him ferociously.

They were in other games before COD, just like almost everything in COD that people think is originally from COD.

If 343i thinks that killcams are good, I trust them. I’ve always wanted killcams in Halo, I think it will improve the game IMO. Just a friendly reminder, this is 343i’s game, not Bungie’s.

Memory Man

People will whine about anything. I don’t get it. Now that spawns are instant in slayer, why does it matter if you have the option to see a killcam or mash X to respawn? In objective gametypes I can see it being a minor annoyance, if they are in fact in every gametype. So you can’t look around your screen to see people near your dead body, oh darn. Quit acting like that is a huge deal b.c. it really isn’t. It will not change the outcome of a game and, IMO, kill-cams are perfect for Halo b.c. of the unique ways you can kill/humiliate another person.

> Why not just have a playlist that has no Killcams?

A toggle option would be nice.

Don’t care, I can just press X and do the classic halo look around if I want to

honestly i have been out of the loop lately, but killcams will add something new to halo.
For example: you die and you dont know how or from what. the killcam will help you finger that out and you be like wuoooooo that’s how i died.

if you dont wanna see how you died then just respawn or switch back to ur dead body

Lots of current and ongoing topics on Killcams, let’s try to consolidate please. :slight_smile: