The journey to req completion

Made a YouTube video about getting all the reqs in halo 5. The journey to reqs completion (Halo 5) - YouTube


2 ways, play a lot of halo or spent a lot of money. DONE, I just saved you a couple of minutes of your life.

Ok I just completed silvers on July 1 2016 SG time which is 30 June 2016 US time,ARs,BRs and assassinations.On to golds but I got Mythics like full Mk4 and some mythic certs and if you see my armour,it is a viligant armour.(I also have full wrath and viligant) by the way,I got everything by req points.No joke

Boy, i’m so glad 343 removed emblems from the req pool, like, after half a year of me getting almost nothing but emblems from silvers and golds.