The John effect?

Lately, instead of calling Master Chief, Master Chief, I’ve been calling him John. Do you prefer to just call him Master Chief, or do you find yourself calling him John.?
Btw, all selections are based on whether you call him John or not.

I’ll always call him Master Chief.

Depends. If it’s in a personal situation for him, I say ‘John’. As a character, I say ‘Chief’.

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> I’ll always call him Master Chief.

I think the only time that I truly call him John is when I’m discussing with mega lore fans. After a while, I just start referring to him as John. Either way, he is the Master friggin Chief, and the savior of the Galaxy. Sure he might have accidentally (or purposely) destroyed a city, or may have just been framed, BUT hey, he prevented the Covenant from using the ark, so one city lost isn’t much when compared to the millions of solar systems in the Galaxy.

I use both John-117 and Master Chief ( or the Chief) it depends how I want to use his name when discussing him.

Master Chief Petty Officer Spartan John-117