The Issue with Spartan Charge in Grifball

Let me tell a little story.

Once upon a time there was a Grifball game, and this player had decided to use the sword throughout and Spartan Charge. He would proceed to kill anyone in his path when using Spartan Charge no matter what other players used, whether it is the Hammer, and sword lunge, or even if the other player Spartan Charged him. He would just kill and kill and kill. The only way that his Charge wouldn’t work is if he was killed with the ball.

After the game, the post-carnage report had shown he had 74 kills solely using Spartan Charge.

So now back to the actual post.

As you can see, Spartan Charge is absolutely ridiculous in Grifball as using Spartan Charge with the sword in this game mode is basically a guaranteed kill every single time. Besides the ball, nothing can counter it. It just makes the game mode frustrating and sucks all of the fun out of it as it is super unbalanced. Therefore, I think it would be best if Spartan Charge is removed completely from this game type or they balance it so that the charge isn’t an immediate kill with the sword.

TL:DR - Some guy got 74 kills in Grifball by using Spartan Charge with a sword and it is super unbalanced, so it should be removed or tweaked.

Anyone else agree?

The way I look at Grifball: anything goes. Adding sprint and spartan charge causes absolute chaos and I love it! I am not too worried about K/D in social. Grifball is really fun in H5!

I am sorry you have a problem with a particular combo, I am interested to hear what others think.

PS: If you can’t beat him normally use spartan charge and a sword too.

Sometimes you need to learn to kite (maintain distance away from the enemy) the player whenever he tries rushing at you. For myself at least while using a sword, I usually back up against a hammer or sword user who attempts to rush me while smart-linking until my reticule reaches red, then I try lunging as soon as I can. This is so that the opponent has little time to react while rushing me, although sometimes the timing may be off. Assuming that you also use a hammer, you should have no trouble trading with a player using sword and spartan charging.

Funny, that’s basically the strategy I came up with on my own in Grifball. I felt like the hammer was terrible in this game, and the sword was actually the superior weapon. So, after some experimenting, I started using spartan charge. Not on every kill, but against head on attackers and as a second boost so I can essentially boost twice then lunge for the kill. If it works, it works.

I should probably note too that I despise Spartan Charge in any other game mode, just not this one.

In Grifball, you can easily kill chargers with a good hammer swing. I get them before they can touch me.

I have never personally seen anyone dominate grif by soley using spartan charge. In fact, 90% of the time a spartan charge is a kill trade, which can be strategic if you think about ball location, your goal, how far away your spawn is vs theirs etc.

In short, I completely disagree with you. Spartan charge is fine.

I love spartan charge but I think it should be removed from grifball

I think my biggest issue with Grifball is the sliding…I can hammer someone sliding but I die too…and I’ve also GP’d someone sliding and I die and he lives…don’t understand it

But yes I hate Spartan Charging in Grifball

I agree with this. It’s a very cheap and annoying tactic. i have seen this before. Either reduce spartan charge damage or remove it from grifball

The hammer is too weak because a Spartan Charge’s range is longer than the kill range of the hammer. I have killed Spartans attempting to charge before, but typically only because they waited too long to charge. It’s always a trade, which is not the way Grifball is supposed to work between the hammer and sword. Spartan charge needs to not kill in one shot or be removed entirely.

you just gotta pick up roughly when they are close enough to charge you and start you hammer swing before then, it is pretty simple to counter if you know what you are looking for. plus a dead give a way would be a guy running straight at you head on with a sword while you have the hammer.

Unless it’s been changed since I last played the version of Grifball in Matchmaking isn’t a good one. Shields for standard players make killing more inconsistent and need to go while the Grif actually needs a recharge buff to give him the option to chain punches again to increase his survivability. Ground pound with the runner is pretty overpowered but I can at least see that has a place in a social setting. Betrayal booting has no place in Grifball at all.

However the very worst is the shoulder charge. The shoulder charge is an easy kill move that lacks any sort of skill. In Grifball it’s far too easy to perform neutrals with the SC (where both players are killed). Neutrals are generally undesired in Grifball and the SC is a cheap, easy, skilless way for anybody to get a neutral. It doesn’t help that in the current settings players can easily sponge at least one hammer hit (due to the shields) making a targeted SC close to a guaranteed kill. Simply put there should not be a free trade button in Grifball, it saps skill and balance on the game.

Shoulder charges also allow more inconsistency with sprint hammer lunges and sword lunges so are better removed from the gametype altogether than simply nerfed. Grifball is a better gametype without the charge.

I rarely ever use the charge in grifball. It always ends in a trade off, and if I use other tactics I can get double kills easier

> 2533274859413227;1:
> Let me tell a little story.

All about how
My Griffball game turned upside down

Never seen anything like this, usually when people try to charge in my games they get a hammer to the face and ragdoll through the air

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> > 2533274859413227;1:
> > Let me tell a little story.
> All about how
> My Griffball game turned upside down

And I’d like to take a minute
Just sit right there
I’ll tell you how I became the prince of a game called Grifball.