The Iowa Pro Gaming Challenge


Do you like playing video games?
Do you like winning prizes?
Would you like to go to a major gaming tournament?
Got some friends that think the same way?

If you answered yes to any of these then you’re in luck! is hosting an Iowa Pro Gaming Challenge Qualifier.

What is that?

Good question. It’s a tri-game tournament-based competition. It is spread over Halo Reach, Gears of War 3, and Black Ops. Halo: Reach and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 are running 2v2 tournaments while Gears of War 3 ups the ante with 4v4. The winners of each game get a free pass into the Iowa Pro Gaming Challenge, as well as 12-months of Xbox Live Gold per player (6 months for Gears of War winners). 2nd place teams receive 6 months Gold subscription (3 month for Gears) for each player. 3rd place gets a prize as well, with Reach and MW3 getting 3 month codes for each player and Gears 3 teams receiving 400 Microsoft Points. Even 4th place gets prizes: 400 MS Points per player.

Interested? All you need is a account and a team. It’s free to enter and there’s no catch. Just sign-up, play, and win. It’s that easy.

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Is it a LAN or is it an online tournament?

Is there an entrance fee?

What other requirements are there?

> Is it a LAN or is it an online tournament?

Online. It will be using Xbox Live.

> Is there an entrance fee?

No. Just have a account. It’s free.

> What other requirements are there?

None. Just sign-up, play and win. It’s that simple.

Anyone? I can answer any questions you have about the event or FraggedNation.

Anyone looking at this? Just curious.

Is there a way to tell from ppl who network tamper/manipulate games to win?

Well, not directly, but all members are to submit an UNEDITED video of the match. If one team doesn’t then that team forfeits the match.

Any more questions?

Oh ok, just wondering how the cheating aspect would be monitored!

Are you interested in joining?


Signups close Friday at 8p EST. Hurry while you still can.