The Intergalactic Space Federation is recruiting!

Spartans! We are in desperate need for members/officers. We are a military based clan that launched 2 days ago. As with any clan first starting out, we need leaders! I am an extremely experienced clan leader, having been an executive in the largest clan in gta 4 at the time. I am searching for a Co-leader to help me run the clan and it’s day to day activities. Why not join us and be one of the first members in IGSF!!! The possibility of ranking high is great due to the lack of members since we just launched 2 days ago. If interested, contact xXL0RD HADESXx on Xbox One, or send us a message on waypoint!!! Good luck Spartans!!!

Also, if you need additional information about the clan before making a decision, please feel free to contact me!
Satans Banker