The intent of the open world Zeta campaign format

I’ve enjoyed many open world campaign content in previous games like destiny. I’m speculating here, but was 343s intent to go this route in order to perhaps make a base world that they can build upon so that they can eventually: a) create a mmo type game similar to destiny, b) implement Spartan IV missions using worlds they have created, or c) continue Masterchief campaigns through DLCs, not releasing new Halos. Or maybe a combination. Thoughts?

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A campaign mode where my Spartan can roam freely like Destiny would be cool, but I don’t see that being implemented in Halo any time soon. DLC expansions and additions to the existing landmass in Zeta ring would be equally as awesome if there is a compelling storyline to follow. At the very end of the campaign, we see some time travelling, which could be a cool new sci-fi aspect we haven’t seen explored in the Halo universe. Accidentally thrown forward in time and see the effects of not having Spartan 117 around? There’s potential with that kind of plot development…

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Seems like a lot of work to just be done with the Zeta ring after one basic campaign. I mean there is a sort of leveling system in the campaign. Why can’t they just transition that to your personal Spartan IV, and implement new missions?

Time travel is interesting, it’d be funny for John to go back in time and then they remake Marathon with him as the lead.

I’ve been talking about open world Spartan ops like excursions for awhile. If we can place ai in forge
(Depending on what 343 officially releases) I wouldn’t be surprised to find player making something similar

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I’m sure there have been great concepts during development but some chaos behind the scenes (look at almost everything in the game lol) resulted in the open world being completely useless.

I think you’re right. The game world was designed to be added to and built upon over time but I think the game was so mismanaged that they had to scrap a lot of their initial plans and the bare bones campaign that we have, while pretty good, is the best we can hope for awhile. At this rate it will be years before there is any single player content or any dynamic content like you find in Destiny. By then I don’t think anyone will care and 343 will cut back on their plans and move onto their next failure.


Yeah it was probably their original vision and then development took a while, which was planned because it was foundational work for the future, but Microsoft wanted their big Halo release to come out with the Xbox X. So we got this undeveloped game as a result. The game is going to end up dying before it ever makes it to where it was supposed to.