The inside conflict

right now halo is torn between all the communitys
i used to be a competetive clan leader a 7 year veteran of halo i cant really tell if im a casual i dont care about my k/d even though i do care if im good with my favorite weapon dmr i am now working on machinimas but for right now halo is taking a good road they can easily satisfy the community right now they are making a game for casuals
but the competetive community cant complain there is still a competitive side
as in clan(i was a clan leader yes its super competitive) mlg(dont really like it but what ever) gaming communitys (halo tracker lets go gamer slg) and as long as forge is good the machinima community is good
then make a good campain experience for the story players

it will be a game made for all
(except for the elite and firefight communities there getting yoinked over)
also sorry for the bad typing its 2 where i live so i can hardly type right