The influx of leavers is unbearable this season

At least for me right now it is rare the game in which every player playes the game untill the end. It didn´t use to be like this, the thing has started for me since Halo 4 came out to the MCC (I play on PC).

I tried restricting the game platform, game input and servers and it barely made any difference. I don´t know what has changed but it´s really annoying that people leaves most of the time. It´s not even a thing of being stomped and people quitting because of that, people just seem to randomly queue just to quit 1 minute into the match. Man, a match in this game doesn´t last that long, this is not cs go, you are not tied to a game for +45 minutes. Most games (Team Slayer is what I play mostly) last for 5-6 minutes, common. It´s not funny to have leavers on each team even if they are in the opposing team. You may end wasting 10 minutes in a 1 v 4 with no goal whatsoever.

I think something should be done about this. I suggest stopping people to autoqueue after ending a game so people should have to manually requeue if they want to play another game.

Also you could start making a matchmaking pool for people that often quit or go AFK so they start playing between each other only and let people who almost never leaves play with people alike.