The Infinity needs a crew!!!

Yes i said it i need you!
The whole concept of this post is involving one of the major roles of Halo 4 The Infinity, as you join her crew you are joining a new and upcoming community. I plan to release some footage and i am looking for a good filming crew. This is where you begin all that is required is a active facebook account, and a open mind to post whatever you want aslong as it is relevant to the page. Community play dates are a dream of mine but for this to happen we need a bigger ship you understand? Im counting on you all that view this post.

USF Deathstingr aka The Infinity

Please feel free to join my community.

Damn spam on these forums!

can i join plz thats all i ask!

Is this role play? Lol, I thought clans like these died, hope you have fun!