The Infinite Store!

Right now the store makes me and many others want to ignore it because of the pricing and the way its set up. (I will elaborate on this later in the post.)

But i and many other fans are more than willing to purchase items form the store but we also want to be respected as customers. £20 for a bundle mish-mash of armor, coatings, visors, stances and emblems is not something that i am willing to pay for. First, because of the price. And second, because of its bundles.

This store feels unprofessional to me.

So i propose an idea. Imagine if some armors were only sold in full bundles for £10 exclusively in the store. Example a full set of mark VII scout armor. This would include both shoulders, helmet, torso, knee pads (optional) and gloves (Optional). These could be on a weekly rotation. I personally would buy that.

Now that the store would sell full armor sets that you can buy for £10, imagine having a store that sold separate emblems: £2, Coatings: £5, visors: £3, gloves: £3, knee pads: £3 and stances: £5. These prices could change depending on rarity and the store could reset daily. (Obviously not concrete prices)

Now as a player, i have a choice and verity. When i go to the store and see a Mark VII scout set i think to myself. “This looks really good”. and so i buy it. I am happy. But i also spot a really cool coating. “This will look really good with my new scout set!” And so i buy it. next week the store resets and the cycle continues. Do you see where i’m going with this?

Don’t you think that you would be more inclined to purchase items as well as feeling valued as a customer if the system was more like the one that i described?

I am just really unhappy with the current system. 343, please make changes to the store because i want to involve myself with it. But until changes are made, i refuse to buy anything. (Besides the battle pass.)

Thank you.

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Yeah I think buying individual items would help. Just have all of it together as a bundled price cheaper than buying it all individually.

I’m disappointed the eSports skins are tied to an armour core I don’t use. It’s a shame. So far there has been nothing I have been tempted by. Realistically the main things I’d probably spend money on are Warthog skin, armour coatings, BR skin and emblem. Not a huge fan of armour emblems, weapon emblems or armour. Would need to be a special armour to make me part ways with my money as I find Halo armour to be much of a muchness.


I didn’t even think of that!

Are eSport cosmetics classified as “kits”? Because if thats the case not only are they bound to cores but they are uncustomizable.

Infinite has a problem with the customization. Lets just hope they change it. Earlier the better.

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Yep the esports bundles just give an armor kit, a weapon skin & an emblem. You cannot customize the armor or use any of its pieces with the rest you’ve unlocked whatsoever. Armor kits existance are a big scam imo.

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Yeah I’m not a fan of the kit idea at all. Just because I want to customise my armour and use it. The HCS free coating is way better.

The whole armor core thing is really frustrating to me. There is a reach-esque knife chest attachment in the store, and I can’t even use it with the reach armors. I would buy that knife in an instant to recreate my reach spartan too. :roll_eyes:


The pricing is ungodly and frankly doesn’t offer very much for the asking price.

With armors, colors and visors being segregated like they are, I won’t be buying anything out of that storefront until they collect more data and figure it out.