The Infinite Battle Pass is a Clear Achilles Heel to the Best MP Experience in a Long Time

I know there’s probably been dozens if not hundreds of threads on the Battle Pass already so I know this may be uncessary, but I wanted to create another just to further emphasize the importance of this feedback to the dev team, even if no one but the community manager reads this. I specifically sought out the best place to leave consturctive feedback and took 30 minutes crafting my thoughts into this post, when I literally never do that for games and usually just complain on Twitter lol.

I haven’t played Halo seriously since Halo 4, and I can confidently say that I haven’t had this much fun with a classic multplayer game since Halo 3 or Reach. The game feels fantastic. Both modern and nostalgic at the same time. The maps feel exciting and well designed. The new weapons so far feel unique and well thought out. The objective based games feel relatively balanced and intense. Servers (while not perfect) seem rock solid during the games, and even the cosmetics that come with the premium (the free unlocks are rough, but I can look past that) battle pass are actually more interesting than I had ever expected based on the flights and coverage I’ve read so far. I could go on and on.

That being said, the enjoyment is extrmely soured by the Battle Pass and progression. I bought it right after I looked through it, and I somewhat regret it now, as it feels like I will not realistically complete it (in a reasonable amount of time) without dedicating my life outside of work to this game exclusively. Not only that, but it seems like the issue will just snowball as more and more battle passes release, which will undoubtedly turn me off of the whole process by the second pass if I don’t get turned off while working on this first one.

In light of all the things I mention just two paragraphs up, I just can’t wrap my head around why this progression system exists in it’s current state. If you are going to present players with the challenge of progressing through the pass and rewarding them for participating in the game, I have no clue why you would artificially slow that down to a snail’s pace coupled with some weekly challenges that seem like back in the day they’d be what I would say are bordering moderate level achievements that you would naturally pop with weeks of playing.

Having a fantastic match where you performed great only be rewarded with a participation trophy half the time because you din’t use a Mangler or your sidekick to finish people off sucks. Hitting level 2 after a couple hours of playing and only getting a little head or shoulder attachment, and realizing how long it will be to you get anything that drastically changes your appearance sucks. Being forced to hunt down these random trick challenges because there is literally only one other option to (very very slowly) earn exp ruins your mentatlity going into this games, and will possibly ruin the overall meta of a lot of these social (and maybe even ranked) gametypes as people dash to the stalk out the chopper so they can wait to destroy it for a measly 300xp.

The nail in the coffin is this line I read from fanbyte:

Completing all of your challenges will net you 4,800 XP per week which is good enough for almost five levels on your 100 level battle pass. Keep in mind that you’ll also be earning progress via your daily challenges.

My math might be rusty but as I understand it, that means if we complete every challenge every week we would need 20 weeks to complete the the battle pass on challenges alone. If we were only do to half the challenges we would also need 1000 games (I realize the math doesn’t exactly play out like that because you obviously play games to complete the challenges so it would be less). All of this is of course, if we do this without using the double xp boost (which when you’re not even sure you’ll get a decent amount of XP in the boost timeframe it makes things much worse).

Those numbers are just unacceptable when so many games and media in general are vying for our attention nowadays. I am a longtime Halo fan and I’m willing to stick around just for the fantastic gameplay, but I can’t say the same for many others. I would hate to see the one perfect chance (and maybe last chance since this platform is supposed to exist indefinitely as I understand it) for Halo to take a top spot among the great mutlplayers games of this generation be spoiled and inevitably stopped short by such a weird misstep amount countless of great deceisions and flawless executions. Please, for the sake of this games longevity and positive growth, make some changes sooner than later.

My suggestions (not demands) as a fan finally returning back to Halo who wants to be invested for the forseeable future:

  • Please add a way to earn XP for playing each game to completion.
  • Please give bonus XP for certain skill related medals or reasonable objective based acheivements (flag captures, oddball time, etc).
  • Please keep in mind that Halo is a game that spans all ages and demographics, and some people just don’t have time to grind (due to work, school, family, whatever).
  • Please keep in mind that as it is, players that want to enjoy the pass they paid for are essentially being forced to play in a weird way (having to spend the whole game trying to get one bizzare challenge or using one weapon they may not be great with) to get a relatively small amount of xp, instead of enjoying Halo the way they want and taking time to embrace all the fantasic new mechanics, weapons, and maps in a natural and organic way.
  • Maybe add (unpurchasable) loot boxes in the game that give you a chance at rolling some cool unlock at the earlier levels of the battle pass, or allow for a free (or premium battle pass driven) way to earn credits that could be used to buy some additional items of the player’s choosing. Something that can players can strive for each week instead of feeling like we’re always just climbing this Mt. Everest of a Battle Pass. (I realize stuff like that would take a lot of time to implement and consider)

That being said, I understand that this game is free to play and they need to make money somehow. I understand this pass is not meant to be completed over night. I understand the ability to work on your battle pass indefinitely complicates things. I would gladly concede in some other area to fix this feeling of this feeling of progression. Tie in GamePass somehow and allow subscribers to earn faster or something. Idk, but anything would be better than the current system.

I want to end this on a positive note. Shout out to the team that put in countless hours to make this happen across the board. The multiplayer is everything I hoped, and we’re a month early no less. That is an incredible feat. As someone who was a bit skeptical about the Halo’s return to form, I am happy to say that as far as gameplay is concerned you all have landed the ship, and I can’t wait to see what else you have in store for Halo Infnite.

Thanks to anyone who decided to read.