The Inferno Spartans are now Recruiting

The Inferno Spartans was once a mighty clan in Halo 3, but the members split off and the clan was forgotten. Now, in the year 2014, the clan has started to see the light of day once again, but there is one problem, they need more people. And that is why this thread exists, to recreate the legendary clan.

-Cjwhite17: Main Clan Leader.
-Blackdragn18: Second in Command.
-God of Ch33s3: Third in Command.

-14 years of age or older.
-(highly recommended) Microphone.
-(recommend) Bullseye Map Pack
-Ability to follow orders.
-Knowing how to have fun.

How to Join:

  1. Send a message via Xbox Live to Cjwhite or God of Ch33s3.
  2. If messaged back, you will go on a 1v1 with the one who messaged you back. this will determine you starting rank in the clan.
  3. After the match, the host will tell you your starting rank.

Ranking up:
Once every week, there will be a Free For All match with all the Clan members. The one who becomes MVP, will rank up. If a clan leader becomes MVP, the in 2nd place will rank up.

In conclusion, the Inferno Spartans is for people who like meeting new people, being part of a community, and most importantly, having fun. Sign up now, and we will show everyone just how dangerous an inferno can be.

Hey God of Ch33s3, great to see some older clans coming back to life. Why don’t you get the news about the Inferno Spartans return out by signing up to The Nexus? It’s a clan community hub which will provide you with a great platform for you to re-launch your clan from. You’ll be able to meet great new clans and build your relations. Our Stat Tracking feature combined with our Divisions will help you track your clans progress within the community.

Why don’t you give it a look over at
If you have any questions or need any help please feel free to ask.