The infamous Warlords-achievement!


Hello guys. I’m not really a forum-kindof guy, but this is starting to get on my nerves. I recently started playing on Xbox and have enjoyed several games so far. I like trying to get 100% on the games i play, and now im stuck on Halo 5. Why? Because of the Warlords-achievement. About 1 month ago i played my first match of Warzone, and have been playing moderately until now. I’m not a hardcore gamer, nor am I good enough to really enjoy playing pvp too much. But I do know i have played over 50 matches, have a Win-ratio at just under 50%, and have had several wins on the original maps. Why haven’t this achievement popped yet?

I have done some reseach and People have made this pop randomly just playing, or doing some crazy sh*t. So far i have tried reinstalling the game, formatting the entire Xbox AND this crazy guide i found on these forums, clearing BR-Storage, removing profile, recover etcetc. Still nothing…

Why is this still a thing? Why isn’t this fixed? I just want to enjoy playing game and getting achievements. I paid for this game. Why isn’t it working as intended? If someone can help me out on this issue without me reformatting or reinstalling anything (already done several times and my internet sux), it would make me very happy. 343 doesnt seem to care.

We have a long running thread on this situation- please post there. Thanks, and happy Haloing!