The Independent Red Army requires you service.

I am Olympus and I currently lead a clan known as the Independent Red Army which is a small clan currently however we have links to the larger community communications channels. We are based off of the Red Line from the Metro Franchise with elements from the Real-world Red Army (E.g. Political Officers).

How do I apply?
As of this moment there are two options:
Option 1: You message me (Olympus XI) over Xbox Live and enquire into joining.
Option 2: You contact me over discord and you will be dealt with (My tag is Olympus XI#2699).

I currently own a clan and I wish to merge/ally
Currently we do not accept any alliances as we are still developing and of course need space to grow without the prospect of looming war however we do accept clans merging into us, upon merging you will all be re-ranked and the former leader will be given a seat on the council (depending on size so no your two man clan won’t gain you a seat)

What makes you different from the other clans in the community?
Unlike the other clans who claim to be ‘Large’ and ‘Well Structured’ we understand and appreciate the reality in that you can only fit 8 into a raid. So we ask you not to call us sir/ma’am but instead give us all you can and if you can’t well… we’re simply not interested.

-Glory to the State-