The Impact Commando is a PoS

Anyone else tried it in campaign? It’s literally inferior to the regular one. It says it gets a boost in power and range and a drop in accuracy, But the bloom is so high that the range is effectively worse. To make matters worse, it seems also weaker somehow? Wow.

I never bothered with the weapon variants in (In)finite’s campaign because it is just horrible anyways, as is the entire weapon and vehicle sandbox in this “game”.

Eh, a lot of the covenant gun variants are pretty fun. I recommend the needler and disruptor, especially giving them to marines and driving them around in the party bus. The stalker and pulse are pretty fun too. And the sentinel beam absolutely melts.

Honestly, Infinites campaign is really fun, I loved the variants.

Yes, I like Halo Infinite, so?


The special sentinel beam and the mortar skewer are the best ones just give them to a razorback full of Marines and they’ll melt anything

I tried this with the Sentinel yesterday. Everything got instantly combusted