The Immortal Soldiers Gaming Network

Table of Contents
1.0 Introduction
1.1: Our Beginnings
2.0 Games We Play
3.0: Our Clan
3.1: Structure
4.0: Requirements
4.1: Members To Contact
5.0: Closure

1.0: Introduction

Hello, I am ISG RevelatioN, the leader of the Immortal Soldiers Gaming Network.

Many of you coming here are wondering what we are about and what we stand for as a clan, so let me give you a brief explanation about what ISG does for each other as a gaming network.

ISG is a gaming network designed for gamers, by gamers. We offer a multitude of services for all members within ISG. We have a website, forum, YouTube channel, a merchandise store, pro-team tryouts, and much more. Our community is based on a code of conduct, and a ranking structure that we take very seriously. We are also sponsored by DeadEyeModz, a COSMETIC controller customization company.

1.1: Our Beginnings

We originated on Xbox Live back in early 2006 in Halo 3, and restarted our community on December 7th, 2011 after a 4 year run with the original community. Since then we’ve changed the face of how we play the game, both competitively and casually. We wanted to open ourselves up to a broader, wider audience of players, so we started to change how we recruited members. After the years passed, we moved on to bigger, and better things, and here is where we are now.

2.0: Games We Play

We play a variety of games on the Xbox 360.

We currently have a division in each of the following games;

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Halo Reach

Battlefield 3

3.0: Our Clan

As previously mentioned, our clan plays professionally and casually. If you see us in games, a lot of us (with our names changed) play professionally, and actually communicate in game with our members about plausible locations of the enemy, and how to effectively eliminate them. Our other members who play casually just play for fun, and, win or lose, it doesn’t matter to them.

3.1: Our Structure

Our clan has 13 ranks, starting at Recruit, and ending up at the Creator of the clan. Each rank has their own duties and privileges attached to them, such as starting up your own ‘squad’, leading multiple squads, or even running your own division under supervision of other, more experienced division leaders.

4.0: Requirements

In order to join, you must follow and abide by our Code of Conduct and change a few things on your Xbox Live profile (such as your motto and bio). You are NOT required to change your Gamertag unless you are willing to put the time and effort into ISG and make it a better gaming community for everyone.

Each of our divisions have certain requirements as well. On MW3 and Halo: Reach, you must be over the age of 15. For Battlefield 3, you must be over the age of 18. You also must have a headset so we will be able to communicate with you both in-game, and about clan related activities and events. Due to our professional demeanor, some of our ranks require alot more time and effort put into them than others, and we expect nothing less than what is required of you.

Upon joining ISG, each individual is put on a probationary period, no less than 48 hours, and no longer than 7 days. This is nothing against you. Its just to see how you interact with members within the squad you will be placed in, and how you handle the community as a whole.

4.1: Members to Contact
If you are interested in joining, please contact the members below to join their squad for that specific game.

Modern Warfare 3 - WolfPack Division

  • ISG GAMEFREAK - Major of ISG Creed WP

  • ISG hellboy666 - Captain of ISG Creed WP

  • ISG deadnewday - Major of ISG Armageddon WP

  • ISG Ninja - Captain of ISG Armageddon WP

  • ISG fallout - Lieutenant of ISG Armageddon WP

  • ISG SteepToast - Major of ISG Rebound WP

  • ISG XLegendGodx - Lieutenant of ISG Rebound WP

  • ISG IMMORTAL - Major of ISG Vanguard WP

  • ISG Clueless - Lieutenant of ISG Vanguard WP

  • ISG blackbear - Lieutenant of ISG Vanguard WP

  • ISG MuTe - Major of ISG Relapse WP

  • ISG xSqueakx - Captain of ISG Relapse WP

  • ISG icebound - Lieutenant of ISG Relapse WP

Battlefield 3 - RoughNecks Division

  • ISG HazmaZ - Major of ISG DevilDogs RN
  • ISG Doomsdays - Lieutenant of ISG DevilDogs RN

Halo: Reach - Xiled Kings Division

  • ISG RIOT - Major of ISG Domination XK
  • ISG Leviathan - Captain of ISG Domination XK
  • ISG Steak - Lieutenant of ISG Domination XK
  • ISG Steve O - Lieutenant of ISG Domination XK
  • ISG headsh0tz - Lieutenant of ISG Domination XK

Any information regarding any of these squads, please contact the individuals listed above. They can give you more information their own squads better than I can, as they are the ones that run them. Each squad has their own probationary period, and some squads are also bigger than others. The smaller the squad, the smaller the community to play games with. The bigger the squad, the more ISG members you can play with in games.

5.0: Closure

If you came to this thread looking to join an experienced clan, then you’ve found a good place to start, and possibly call a ‘home among gamers’. We’re here all day and night (well, most of us are, anyways!) to answer any questions you have, or to put any concerns you have to rest.

If you are interested in joining, feel free to contact one of the members listed above or hit up our website, located at the following link -

To look at our ranks and our list of rules, they are on our website on the left hand side of the page, titled “ISG Code of Conduct” and “ISG Ranking Structure” respectively.

Thank you again for taking the time to read this. If you have any questions, again, feel free to post here, message me on Xbox Live @ ISG RevelatioN, or message me on the website.

  • ISG RevelatioN
    Leader of the Immortal Soldiers Gaming Network

Can’t wait for Halo 4 hopefully by then we can start getting members to join so we can have tryouts. : /
BTW it’s FREssHhh 7562

Agreed. Halo 4 will be an amazing addition for ISG.

Check us out, ladies and gentlemen! You’ll be glad you did. =)

What are you waiting for? Join now!

Join ISG! We put the “FU” back in “FUN”!

Check us out today! Be apart of the Xiled Kings division and see what we’re all about!

As someone who has been to multiple mlg tournaments for halo, this clan is legit, and you’ll be missing out if you don’t give it a look

Give us a shot, who knows, you might like it.

Are you tired of lonewolfing matches? Join us today, and put that behind you!

Do you like structure, organization, and a mature gaming community? Check us out today, we can offer all of that and more.

Join ISG, where we put the “FU” back in “FUN!”

if i join which would be an accomplishment for the whole clan will i be able to rank up and not change my gamertag

> if i join which would be an accomplishment for the whole clan will i be able to rank up and not change my gamertag

One tip; dont be full of yourself and egotistical.

The farthest you can go in the ranking structure without changing your gamertag is to the rank of Corporal, which is barely breaking the surface of all you can do inside of our community.

We are still recruiting avid gamers! If you like structure and organization, why not give us a shot?