The ideal team

What is your ideal team of four? How would you want you and your friends to play to best fit yourself? Also, do you think (from what we’ve heard) that your plan would change in Halo 4?

Well, all you need for a good Team of 4 in Reach is 4 players with thumbs and a brain. Reach is awful though, so Halo 4 might actually require some individual skill.

I’m assuming this relates to SpartanOps?

Personally, I would take a BR, Pistol, frags, active camo, and some other modification.

I don’t like active camo, but since sprint is a default ability anyway, active camo seems to by the best option that I could find.

hahaha point well taken.

4 people who know the map well and go after the power weapons regularly.


Team Slayer- People who can maintain a positive K/D ratio, even if it is just +1

Objective- People who will do anything to complete the objective, giving their lives if
they need to and dont go after kills

Need a Team Leader (last night I did well enough to be promoted to this.)

A Sniper - Infamous IA

Shock Trooper (Shotgun, Grenade Launcher, Frags)- Guilty Spark IA

Marksman - Jay LENO IA

Here’s my squad.