The ideal store that would benefit everyone

If 343 wants to show us they really do care about our feedback then it is essential big changes come to the store. Here is what I believe would be the ideal store that would please the community and still be heavily profitable for 343.


  1. The current store layout needs to go. The amount shown each week is abysmal and the overall rotation is so slow it is probably hindering the amount of money 343 can make. I know there are a bunch of things I want to buy from the store but can’t because it has yet to rotate in nearly 3 months after launch. This just isn’t sustainable especially going forward as more store items are added.

  2. Everything should be sold individually. There are countless things I would happily buy but chose not to because it is part of an overpriced bundle filled with other things I don’t want. This is needlessly scaring people away from paying money and it needs to change. 343 have attempted individual items but have failed miserably so far due to the issue above and inconsistent pricing.

  3. Prices are inconsistent at the moment and in many situations still force you to pay the same amount due to being priced just slightly over the credit amounts you can buy. The inconsistent pricing also leads to things feeling like a rip off as people compare new store items to old ones and their prices.


  1. Turn the store into a catalog of sorts allowing for every item to be organised and sold individually on it. This will mean there will no longer be any frustration on the size or speed of the store and can easily be expanded as new items are added.

  2. Get rid of the fomo. The items in this catalog should be permanently available for people to buy at all times
    if they so desire. The current store has gone so far with fomo it is at the point where it is just straight up preventing people from buying stuff so this is a better solution for everyone.

  3. Bundles SHOULD still exist but instead of being a forced overpriced scam be instead deals where you can get the items for slightly cheaper than if you were to get everything individually. This can be the new thing that rotates in and out on the store each week.

  4. Make pricing of cosmetics consistent and make sense. Think of a decent price for a skin, coating, armor piece, armor effect, emblem etc and STICK TO THAT PRICE ACROSS THE BOARD. This will solve the weird inconsistent pricing issues we are facing where a coating is worth more than an armor effect for some reason.

That’s about it. There are other issues like emblems, skins and coatings being split up but that’s another issue all together. I really do hope 343 listens to us and makes substantial changes because the current store really is rubbish for everyone and they have been needlessly shooting themselves in the foot so far. If the store was like how I described I’d definitely be spending more money on it.


My vision is closer to the shops in Zelda games where for a nice new shield it might cost 100 rupees

They can’t, there are UI limitations that prevent them.

That’s what you get when you try to ducktape together a decades old engine and expect it to carry a game for 10 years

Just because there are current UI limitations that prevent them now doesn’t mean that won’t change in the future just that it is more time consuming to do. They never outright dismissed the idea but said it would be something we probably won’t see until after season 2.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they overhauled the entire UI (I mean they did it with MCC) going forward as it is a barebones rushed mess that is just too inflexible to support many of the things people want.


Let me roll a snowball down a hill for credits 343 :rofl:

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I hope they do, but I think this engine has crippled the game


This is definitely a good list of suggestions here. Honestly I was thinking to make a forum about the store myself, but I think you summarized it better than I can.

A catalog will be a major help for the store, since people can pick out anything they want without waiting for it to come back in rotation.

Consistent pricing is a definite must! It baffled me when the they charged just the Firefall helmet for $7. A single helmet! Honestly $3 would have been a decent amount for it.