The hypothetical solution for Halo 4

Now before we get started this solution is by no means a perfect solution. By perfect solution I mean it will not entirely satisfy the haters or lovers of Halo 4.

This thread is designed to be a compromise between both parties so if you can’t add to the thread in a constructive way please don’t post. In other word please refrain from negativity. There is enough of that in other threads.

I’ve been in numerous threads that have debated issues on Sprint, AAs, CLs, Perks and PODs; Halo 4 in general. So in the time I’ve spent on the threads I have gathered tons of information on why people don’t like a certain feature and why people like those features. I have talked to competitive players and non-competiitve players (like myself) alike and have come up with a…


Armor Abilities: Most AA should have been dropped and instead used as an equipment that spawns on the map. This includes Active Camo, Regen Field, Thruster Pack and maybe Hologram.

Custom Loadouts: Custom Loadouts should have made a return, however, without perks and of course AAs. You can only pick your loadout in the lobby and once you do it is available for all players to see. Since most weapons range from short range to mid range then only the long range weapons like the DMR should have been a map pick up.

Or have it where a player can only pick certain type of weapons for each match, like an Auto-Rifle/Pistol combo or a Auto-Rifle/Semi-rifle combo. The DMR since it is a class of its own stays as a map pick up.

Personal Ordnance Drops: Bad idea. Everything that is available in PODs should have been a map pick up anyway…

Sprint: I see no reason why sprint should not have stayed in Halo 4. I also don’t see how it makes Halo any less competitive. However, for the problem many people claim they have with people sprinting away form encounters, here is a hypothetical solution. I have rarely ran into this problem but for the sake of other players I believe a player should be punished for cowardly running away from an encounter. The way to do this is to not allow the player to sprint, or not as fast, when his shields are not full. Therefore, upon getting shot a players sprint speed is slowed down considerably making running away a very foolish thing to do.

Competitiveness: Halo 4 should have reintroduced the ranked and social system. That alone probably would have abated some of the hatred toward 4 as players felt they needed to play with other players their skill level. Halo 4 did not provide that. Players of all skill played in one match, while higher level players were bored because there was no challenge lower skilled players were frustrated because they could not really contribute to the team. With ranked systems, it insured that High level players played with high level players and low level played with low level. Your skill level should not just count your wins but your K/D as well along with your accuracy and the points you accumulate in game as well.

So in summary, the solution for Halo 4 would be AAs as equipment pick ups, Custom Loadouts staying but limit what you can pick per map along with the inability to change your loadout during the match, Personal Ordnance Drops as map pick ups again, and Sprint returning however with some drawbacks when used in a cowardly way.

This solution preserves most of the Halo 3 elements like map pick ups and having to strategically fight over control of the map while keeping Halo 4’s new features just somewhat nerfed to keep frustration down.

What do you guys think? Would you have been more satisfied with Halo 4 if these changes were implemented? Do you guys have any ideas that could have made Halo 4 work without radically changing it? Let me know in the comments below!