The Hunger Games: Catching Fire jungle arena

Before I share these pictures, I am a fan of the Hunger Games books/films. Most other guys arent, but I am. I spent some time this year, and last year, to do my best to recreate in Halo 4s Forge Island the arenas from the two films. I did them both, but I had to remove the pictires of the first films arena due to me and my editor recording my Halo clips across Halo 3/4/Reach for my upcoming multi Halo montage. So these are just two photos of the Jungle Arena from the second HG movie. It didnt take me a long time to build it, but knowing that I have about zero Forge understanding and skills, I just tried some stuff and came up with these. I hope you like them! If you dont, then I understand. I also tried to recreate it to as much accuracy as I could manage, but seeing as Forge cannot perfectly replicate other environments, I did it anyways.

These links ought to work, but if they dont someone may have to suggest an alternative way to show you these.