the huge bug affecting all 360 halo games

In 4 days this game(s)breaking bug would have been around for a month, your campaign progress doesnt save, your armor doesnt save and if youre playing halo 3 you get annoying rankup popups every 30 seconds,this bug affects anyone who has played on xbox live before the 28th of september. It is a microsoft issue however its been 10 days since i reported it to support and no fix, the issue is that profiles do not update/save on the 360 ,instead loading from the 28th of september,which affects all halos on 360.
343 you need to get microsoft to fix this since theres 8 halo games affected by this bug.

DUDE THIS HAS BEEN HAPPENING FOR YEARS. I had to complete Halo 3’s Campaign twice, and Halo 4’s three times, because it kept forgetting that I already completed the Campaign (and on legendary too .-.) Waypoint seems to remember you did it, but the game won’t and I’ve had my armor reset on Halo 4 dozens of times too.

I am dealing with this also, I can’t even use the controls I am used to…