The Hourglass (Ricochet Testing Needed)

Hello fellow Cartographers,

GT: TheBloodbath22 here.

I’m working on submitting a piece to the Ricochet contest, and could use some players to help weed out weaknesses and to determine if its size is within regulations of the contest. Here’s a bit about The Hourglass:

Mid-sized, symmetrical, competitive arena shaped like an hourglass on canvas Forge Island. Supports Ricochet, CTF, and Slayer.

Download here:

Thank you all very much for reading! I hope to see you all soon. Friend for an INV to play. Please keep in mind I am also available for testing your own forges. To view pictures, here is a similar post on 343:

I Red circled Problem areas.

*The lifts on the 4 corners can over shoot you if you hold forward.
*It looks like you fixed it in this picture, but where the sniper nests are ther was alot of un even ground that stopped your movement and forced you to jump over when it should be unnecessary there.
*The spawning in lifts I feel is a bad idea and should be removed.
*The goal was way to high up and would be nearly impossible to approach from the front or throw in. I’d suggest removing that entire set up it rests on and put the goal on level with the spawns.
Even with that delayed lift, it’s just much to hard to push into that area I can already tell. side routes wont help as much as you think. There needs to be a back door pretty much that doesn’t give you a walk into the goal, but in needs to be somewhere that you and your team can push effectively.
*An area by the sniper nest is circled. That is an area the ball can get stuck in.
*Lastly, put up some barriers around the map to keep the ball in more easily.
I like the concept, but there is alot that will hold you back. Keep it up. :slight_smile:

I like to think of it like this.
Make sure your map is Idiot proof. Pretend everyone on Halo is down on the same level as a person who has never played a console game.
Those kinda of people don’t know how to jump, so ensure they can get to all of the main map simply by using the 2 joysticks. Also pretend they don’t know how to let off on the thumb stick or they hardly know how to use them. So that way any lifts you have will always land you safely no matter where you are going or what direction you are trying to force yourself to move.
Another good point of mind (which is something that I also think of people in stores since I work in retail)If they didn’t work on your map, then they are limited. Treat us like it. lol