The hornets are too oppressive (I mean wasps)

The hornets need to be nerfed in terms of armor because they take way too much time/resources to kill but can level everyone on the opposing team. Super unbalanced

When did they add the Hornet into the game?

On a serious note, I think the Wasp is actually well balanced compared to its paper thin armor in Halo 5. The issue is a lack of available weapons and knowledge of weak points to effectively counter them in the present situations.


If no one on your team works together to take it out, they can run a lobby. Which is pretty common unfortunately. Its not to hard to skewer it and dumping 4 rounds into it with a sniper will thrash it. Pro tip, you can snipe the pilot out of it. Not saying thats easy but those are pretty much your only options.

Each base usually has a disruptor or shock rifle and 1-2 sets of dynamo grenades so you can take it out with relative ease if you prioritise getting them to actively take it down.

If you are unlucky and get neither disruptor or shock rifle your side then admittedly you are in for a bad time. I always try to get to the enemy base in those instances. I know High Power has a shock rifle commonly in the rocks to the left of the one base and no-one ever seems to take it in my lobbies. So if I ever want one I just go there.

Would be nice if Rockets have lock on. I use Hydra against it sometimes.

You mean the Wasp?

Anyway it does not need a nerf in terms of armor. There are plenty of weapons to take it down

1 shot with Skewer
2 shot with Shock Rifle
3 shot with Sniper
6 shot with Hydra
1 Dynamo grenades
not sure how many it takes with disruptor

Or try to grapple jack it

either way its plenty of weapons to take the wasp down

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