The honeymoon period and over and oh boy…

I… Don’t feel this way at all and I don’t think Halo Infinite will just die, predicting that outcome this early is a little much to be honest. I’m still seriously enjoying the moment to moment gameplay, and even though this event only introduces a playlist with one gametype it immediately felt better having more variety to choose from. If they can vary up the playlists MP will be in a better place.

The progression system needs some work, but to be terribly frank the complaints of “slowness” most people have don’t really pass muster for me. I bought the Battle Pass and I’m already level 17, no levels bought, no XP boosts used (yet). Considering we have 6 months to get 100 levels before the next Battle Pass - and then infinity to complete it should one want the rewards in this Battle Pass I don’t really see the problem other than brains and eyes addicted to watching a progress bar fill up. For a group of people that hate hate hate these exploitative systems used across the gaming industry the same group still seems to love “PROGRESSION” through an arbitrary set of levels tied to rewards so long as it’s done just exactly how they want it.

I haven’t had too many technical issues but my PC is overkill and I have still had a few that have required me to task kill Halo infinite. Not to mention people I’m playing with running into issues, half our party getting into a game with two strangers with the other half waiting to join from lobby.

As enamored I am with Halo Infinite and how much I’m enjoying it the game doesn’t feel complete. With the time they’ve had to build this game, and the delay of a whole year I’m really surprised and disappointed Forge isn’t here on release. 10 maps would have been fine if one of them were a Forge map, but at this rate I can see the maps getting stale pretty quickly as solid as they are they’re pretty similar. Two of the BTB maps feel identical in theme, and only maybe 2 or 3 of the 4v4 maps standout - I really like Streets and Bazaar. In this regard it feels like a Bungie Halo game, like they spent 5 years working on it, then decided “-Yoink!- it we’re remaking this -Yoink!-” and then spent the last year throwing together what we see today - good ol’ Bungie strat.

The Menu system is hot garbage, and I really dislike that I cannot customize anything while searching/loading a match.

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And imagine the flighters explaining to 343i that the AR was too powerful and there wasn’t any incentive to use any other weapon, save the Sniper. The energy weapons are irrelevant when you can just grab the AR, open up on someone and kill them with the Sidekick if, by the end of your AR magazine (assuming you’re aiming at their feet lmao) they are still standing.

Are really this naive?
This isn’t a complete game, they have already commented on the fact that this is the launch content for multiplayer. Nothing more is coming for severel months to nearly half a year.

At which point do YOU stop arguing and just acknowledge that this isn’t a complete game?

Doesn’t competitive not have AR starts? Also I completely disagree, I’ve destroyed people that are using the AR with the BR, the sidekick, the pulse carbine + sidekick, and well pretty much every other weapon but the commando. People have always complained about the AR since halo 3, probably because they were playing against me, someone who’s mastered the weapon. Land your shots, have greater accuracy, and then trust me the AR isn’t as good as you make it out to be. You’re just upset because it’s actually useful, which it’s pretty much never been. The only thing I can say is that it’s range should be nerfed, it’s range is a little too good, and if you’re bad with the sidekick or the BR then the AR may win. Also the commando needs a buff, that weapon blows.

Yup, it’s pretty clear it’s not a released game on parity with Halo 3 because campaign, forge, and co-op haven’t released yet. Never argued otherwise.

Infinite’s being touted as a live service. It’s going to change over time and won’t even be a truly complete game by definition until they’re done supporting and making changes to it. The core gameplay is solid and that means everything. If Infinite didn’t feel like Halo we’d have bigger problems, but anything wrong now is fixable in post and can be expanded upon.

We’re dealing with a AAA studio that has layer upon layer of overhead and management, not an indie studio that can make swift changes in short order. Tweets from the team are promising, but that doesn’t mean anything until those changes they’re thinking on are actually implemented.