The honeymoon period and over and oh boy…

Now that the glow of the first few days is over the problems become glaringly obvious. The ammount of problems this game now knows are absolutely rediculous, and sorta makes me wonder how stupid 343i really is for consistently disappoint Halo fans every installment…

I mean the bones of the game are great (i really do like the slower paced TTK for example) and are perfect mix between old halo and new additions. But than the problems set the stage:

  • the extremely low map count making the game extremely repetitive in just a week
  • The most predatory monitization in gaming recent history, locking tenrai to spread out events with Fomo preying on everbody not able to sit through the relentless grind that specific week!
  • progression system is talked to death already, but brother, what ever gave 343 the idea this was acceptable
  • the insanely expensive items and not being able to earn any credit towards it.
  • The grind that is not really doable for adults with fulltime jobs, yes gen z, not everybody is a youtuber without an actual job. I managed to do all weekly challenges last week, because i can work from home. But lets be realistic, this nowhere casual friendly at all.
  • The halt to progression once you do finaly manage to complete all the challenges
  • not specific game type lobbies
  • challenges that do not promote objective playing in anyway

And everybody keeps going on about how polished this beta already is, but than again IT’S not a Beta this close to release people! The polish for me on Series X shines through:

  • stuck in matchmaking
  • hard crashes mid game (happened 4 times in a weeks time)
  • stuck in loading other players
  • unable to cancel matchmaking
  • hole host of conmection issues

Such glaringly obvious mistakes with the incentive and rewards, progression and playlists in this game that i wonder how long this game will last before it absolutely dries up with no player base left to spend 100’s of dollars on credits for a couple of pixels of a skin.

Please chime in because even though 343 say they listen, i don’t think they actually do. Fool on me though for actually thinking it would be this time around. Why can’t we just have one game nowadays where greed and incredibly stupid decisions have to make every launch so incredibly disappointing. Man i miss, Halo 2 era gaming…


It’s not going to last… Halo progression typically isn’t as addictive as progression in a game like COD where you’re getting weapons and attachments (just for the record I am NOT a COD guy) but I understand that franchise’s recipe for success.

People simply aren’t going to pay the way 343 wants them to for Spartan armors and weak cosmetic crap.

This stupid free to play thing but pay for progression just doesn’t suit Halo. Paying for cosmetics in Halo should be completely optional just like it was in Halo 5. The fact that I could unlock new armor and weapon skins just from playing matches in what Halo 5 is part of what kept me so hooked to that game (gameplay was great too) but I no way shape of form would I ever have paid for REQ packs and if that was the only option I had in Halo 5 I would’ve given the game up far sooner than I did.

I do not see this game lasting the gameplay just isn’t great enough to keep everyone. There are good number of maps but too many of them all have that similar shiny indoor look to them and they feel repetitive. There’s nothing special whatsoever about any of the maps designs that make them memorable save for maybe the one set in the desert part of Halo. At the end of the day, the maps kinda suck.

And lastly, the weapon sandbox and balancing is just garbage. AR overpowers the majority of weapons. That’s about as boring as a Halonsandbox gets.

As for me, I’ve already Uninstalled Infinite MP and I’m going back to Halo 5 and MCC. Reinstalling Halo 5 rn.

Yeah I get it, there’s lots of people saying they love the gameplay of Infinife MP but that is to be expected from a brand new Halo game that’s been so highly anticipated like this. Fanboys being fanboys.

Let’s keep in mind, Halo 5 MP was showered with praise for quite some time and now those same people that were praising it are all saying it sucks and was the worst Halo MP ever in an attempt to try to elevate Halo Infinites MP because that’s how fanboys work.

Yes, the campaign of 5 was not well received or praised but the MP was. They rewrite history and act as if it was all of Halo 5 that was poorly received to help support their narrative that Infinite MP is such an improvement and a return to classic Halo. You see how now Halo 5 MP is the big bad villain that tried to turn the franchise inti something it’s not and Infinite is the white knight coming to restore balance to the franchise lol?

Halo infinite plays nothing like classic Halo… LOL


I agree with you on a lot of things, but I’d say the gameplay is actually good. I think the weapon sandbox and the equipment is in a good place, I mean, halo 5’s magnum is what you described HI’s AR to be lol. Still though, the req pack system was great as you mentioned. It could be slightly improved to not be rng, but aside from that I’m on the same page with you there. I’m not spending a single cent on HI, because you’re right, that’s just not the halo way, free to play games just don’t suit halo, at least if they’re this aggressive that is.


Yup. You ain’t lying. This really sucks because the game has a solid foundation and I absolutely love the gameplay but …the rest is impossible to ignore.
Simply doesn’t work. And the silence on this is deafening.

Difference between the H5 magnum and the HI AR is that the magnum is not fully automatic pray and spray. It actually took a degree of skill to get good with it so there’s more of a skill gap you’re not likely to get killed by noobs.

The AR being OP in HI and being an automatic weapon makes it super noob friendly and makes HI play like a twitch shooter…

I wholeheartedly agree. I think at its bones there is elements of a good Halo game here and there are some really cool things, but so many just foolish mistakes. It feels to me like they waited far too long to do these tech previews and get community feedback. Lots of simple, easily avoidable problems if they had just informed and asked the community sooner, and now they’re gonna have a hard time fixing it because they gotta overhaul stuff.

I would add to your list, there’s quite a few simple and annoying gameplay mistakes too:

  • Radar is tiny and all but useless, both in terms of actual UI and in-game range
  • AR spread is so low that it’s as good as many power weapons at mid-range, and makes using the BR or other weapons strategically very difficult on small maps
  • The aforementioned AR issue, plus small radar, plus no friendly fire (meaning you get grenades thrown at you during fights more often), plus the very long shield recharge delay means surviving encounters is almost unheard of, even if you win
  • Limited gametype selection, low number of equipments, and low number of weapons and vehicles in the game (in addition to the low number of map variants as you mentioned, makes the game highly repetitive). In a week I feel like I’ve already done everything in the game.

Those are my biggest issues, all of which I’ve seen much of the community also have problems with. I hope that the full launch will include full playlists and more game types at the very least. I also hope it’ll have more maps and weapons but I doubt it for both. That in conjunction with numerous bugs around bullet magnetism, melee and shot landing sync issues, make the game feel beyond unpolished. It feels like this is a late alpha or early beta, not a game that’s about to launch.
Also the plasma pistol is still useless and they haven’t fixed it yet, and I will be unhappy as long as that remains the case.

Nah, ar takes skill, has since H3 when I pwned br noobs. The pistol in H5 is a joke, it’s a jack of all trades, there’s no incentive to use any other weapon. The sidekick takes skill, it requires precision and accuracy, maybe try landing your shots with it and you’ll see that headshots with that can win against someone using an ar.

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The AR takes skill in HI lmao

I’d still pick up a BR or DMR in Halo 5 when I needed the added range. They were just as easy to use at close range as the magnum was but then also worth picking up over the magnum for ranged precision shots.

I’d buy a plane ticket to show up at your door to give you a hug. You’ve nailed everything about this new halo not being a true halo game. I’ve been here since day one. 20 years ago. I lasted longer playing halo 5 than i probably will with this game. Its a mess.

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And also, why is the entire weapon nerfed for some reason. Literally nobody was complaining about that! And now every weapon besides the AR is useless!

I played enough during the flights to know the end of the honeymoon phase would be rough. The game is actually much better, or “tighter”, than the flights. 343 is slowly pulling things together, and minus the progression, I’m actually liking the changes in the beta coming from the flights. We’re still far from a neatly packaged game, but it does look like 343 is generally going in the right direction as far as gameplay is concerned. Let’s hope they continue to understand this is not a game you give two or three small patches and call it a day, like in the past.

I’m mainly a Campaign/co-op/PvE player, but even I can see multiplayer content is looking quite slim overall. I’m not sure it was a good idea to have so little to do this early in the game. It doesn’t leave a very good first impression when your gameplay is really good, but everything to do with that gameplay is so restricted. I do think this will pass in time, because 343 has stated many times that this game is going to be around for a long while, and you can’t expect it to stay relevant in this market without fairly frequent content drops for the first couple of years to get things started and keep interest piqued.

Let’s see if Microsoft can figure out the progression system shouldn’t be as cancerous as Battlefront II was. Like any responsible person, I openly welcome endless criticism and anger directed at the current progression system, and honestly, I think 343 does as well. Microsoft won’t move unless there’s a huge outcry, and unless you’re a particularly nasty human being, there’s no way you can honestly believe the current system is morally or intellectually honest.

Halo 5 didn’t launch with Infection & was added months later
in Halo Infinite we don’t even have Slayer at launch, god forbid how long we’ll be waiting for that.

They are not stupid everything in this game from the BP progression to the hard aim learning curve to lowered aim assist on weapons and damage nerfs to selling the color red has to do with you guessed it “Money” I feel like MS is mostly to blame and the direction gaming is now and days it’s just not the same and games in the future going forth probably never will be just do your research…. Everything is fueled by money in this world…… sad days ahead of us….

I agree but please leave the AR out of this. My baby is finally a viable weapon that doesn’t get immediately discarded for something else, It already got nerfed, now needing 1 more headshot and 4 more bodyshots to kill! That’s enough, anything more will make it useless and it’s been useless in most games.

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I think you guys are way overreacting. Yes, the progression system is bad (personally I don’t care but i see the issue for someone who does) , but the overall game feels great to play. I had to spend way too much time tweaking settings toh, to finally find one that made the game feels “right” to me and to my eye-hand coordination and muscle memory, but now I’m having an absolute blast.

What honeymoon period?

Uncle Mike paid big bucks for this wedding, made it free to attend, then carted the newlyweds off to his factory sweatshop to grind until his debt was paid!

I really like this game, it plays great and I’m having a lot of fun.

But good lord, the audacity of them to keep spinning their corporate side-talk and misleading promotional material, is sickening. It’s so close to outright lying that science doesn’t have a unit of measurement small enough to quantify it.

I had hope that this ‘free event’ was going to be the bottle of milk that baby needed to quell the community outrage, but alas, it’s just another kick in the nuts while we’re already on the ground. Half the armours the used to promote the event are in the store. And other than the base Yoroi core and the shoulders, the rest don’t even have locked in dates to actually unlock them.

Most players will have blindly bought into Season 1 before fully understanding how much of a poop-typhoon the customisation system was. I highly suspect that Season 2 will see a considerable drop off in sales, and maybe, just maybe, 343 and Uncle Mike will finally hear us.

The changes they’ve made to the challenges and progression seem player-friendly in the surface. But all they’ve essentially done is widen the cap of the coke bottle so we can chug it faster. It doesn’t matter to them because we already bought the bottle of coke.
And what will players do when they’ve drank their coke and are now thirsty?
Probably buy some premium coke from the store until their regular coke is available in May.

Looking forward to playing the campaign though, it looks dope. But that’s where I’ll probably stay for the foreseeable future.

“extremely low map count” is a bit of a stretch, no? halo 3 launched with 11 maps, infinite has 10.

Halo 3 was a complete game with forge, campaign, coop and playlists on launch. This isn’t.

What’s the eleventh map? I’m counting ten. EDIT: Narrows was the map missing.

High Ground
Last Resort
The Pit

For ForzaMartini, this is early release of multiplayer. Campaign will be out on release. I am upset that coop and forge won’t be out on release though.

Hoping the playlists are shuffled and fixed up for true release day.

Bungie also had halo at the time and Microsoft was led by don mattrick who had more plans for the company than raking in massive amounts of cash