The Holy Light - Halo Reach Poem

The Holy Light

I was not a religious man until I saw the light
From the darkness, from out of sight.
All eyes looked up towards the simmering sun
A clatter, thud, BANG! There goes my gun.
Cloud covers the fake heaven
As i count back from seven.

I see the shadow return to the dark
We did not see the approaching shark,
My men knelt, praying for the beginning
While they, those things couldn’t stop grinning.
Jesus, Lord, Master.
Christ… the shining came faster.

I was not a religious man until I felt the light,
Fiery, hot, warm, cold. Nah just -Yoink-
Every step came with a thud,
As I laid awake thick in mud.
Staring into the light of death
Holding on until my last breath.

The light which kills from above
Does not choose with love.
The demons of man hope to protect,
Although all they brought was child neglect
A journey will begin, a million more are next with a screech
There foretold the story of Reach.

Written by Wolv Fir ‘Vadam