The holiday silence and lack of communication

  • Big Team Battle is still unplayable. Rendering 3/10 maps useless.

  • Theater mode is completely broken.

  • HCS drop glitch being relatively ignored.

  • Beatdown registration is comically bad.

  • Hit registration / Bad netcode issues EG: getting shot past walls.

  • Hackers running around everywhere/non action on reports.

  • Map pool to small.

  • Reward structure is abysmally bad. (what do you mean i beat the game on Legendary & LASO and get nothing lol)

  • end of game tracker not displaying information.

  • No pre or post game lobby

I’m going to be forward as possible. This game has so much potential to be great. 343i saying they’re sorry and working towards a solution is nice and all but pardon if a majority of the community has a lack of trust in a company who left MCC to rot for 2 years.

It is the holidays and understandably the company should take a well deserved break. However, is it really hard to at least acknowledge comments on this forum? When things get mass reported the community is left in silence.


Your title says it all though and you even say it in the post. So you do know they are on break. And you expect someone to log in on their day off to talk on the forums or social media? These first-world problems are getting out of hand.


What’s the point of a community manager then? I was under the impression this game is a live service?

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So the CM never has a day off? You’d be a horrible manager or boss.

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Issues brought up before the holidays are still issues.

You can scream and shout holidays all you want but the game launched in half baked state and you think leaving it half baked is acceptable?


dude they said they aren’t working on Christmas. they said this like 4 weeks ago. Even if they continued to work many fixes are still gonna be at least two weeks away. So even if they were still working it wouldn’t be done right now. chill out. Nobody is screaming or shouting anything. it is just a fact that people like to be with family this time of season. As a consequence product lines slow down. maybe chill out and spend some time with your family.


Is as if this game isn’t ready to launch… but let’s keep praising them for after 9 years with the franchise finally nailing the gameplay. :clap:

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Nobody is asking the development team to work during Christmas.

The game launched broken and rushed out for the holiday season, Most likely so they could reap the profits. This isn’t an overtly negative thing. They did respond to the store issue but only after being met with universal back lash.

It was cool seeing a genuine apology but it only scratches the surface.

Generally (in games like World of Warcraft) when there’s issues and things being mass reported a CM will come on a post and be like yes/no working on it. It’s the holidays now but it wasn’t for the last 2 months.

Obviously things don’t happen over night but i imagine if the communication stays the way its been it will drive people away from the community.

I stand by my comment.

343i left MCC to rot for 2 years and that left a lot of bad faith with some in the community myself included. If they can turn it around great! We all win.

As of now,

if they didn’t listen to QA.
Why would they listen to us.

To the holidays thing. Happy holidays!

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I mean they did spend the last 2 months fixing stuff. already we have seen movement on battlepass, patches for the multiplayer, added playlists, issue with campaign lockers, ect. I wouldn’t say they did nothing. maybe not as much as most expect from the company.
They also do have some users dealing with some feedback. Unfortunately they do not comment directly on posts. Most of their communication seems to be through a few employees and the other guys labeled in a program they started. Think it is called forerunner or something. most of is is rather sparse and spread out over to many social media sites.

As for MCC I think that got neglected probably due to its rushed development and the company weighing its self down with too many projects. IDK how big the company is but dang, they were doing work on halo 5, MCC, Infinite and then decided to try to release MCC on pc. So they went ahead and just rapid fired stuff in a very foolish way. 343 Industries definitely needs to improve on community management and project management.

Halo infinite though has released in a better state than most games this year, and alot of the issues people had with the previous 343 games got taken into account. Though introducing other issues. I am sure the game will get turned around through out the next year.
happy holidays

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Yeah I would like to see more comms from 343. I do feel game companies don’t communicate with the payer base enough.

Or maybe it’s me not looking in the right place.

343 seem to be taking small steps to fixing stuff, don’t think nothing will be done over the festive period.

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Closing this as nothing here is constructive.