The hit system or whatever its called is totally busted

This is such a huge issue atm. It’s impossible to play when im getting killed after rounding 3 corners out of enemy sight. It’s a joke.

There’s a setting where you can see your ping (latency) to the server in the top right of the screen. Can’t remember exactly where the setting is.

The people I play with teleport around every few seconds. They also disappear then reappear when they’re gonna kill me. They also also don’t seem to be bothered by my weapons. I must be in the wrong playlist.

My husband was complaining about this a couple of days ago. He said he was running, didn’t get any hit warnings, then died, someone was shooting him in the back. A couple of seconds later he got the hit warnings.

P.S. Some of our cattle ( put a h in front )

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yep, just got destroyed on a ranked match. I was consistently landing 5-6 full BR bursts on enemies and they just shrugged them off like it was nothing. I have multiple instances of spnkr rockets passing through enemies and dealing no damage as well. Hopefully after the Holidays this will start getting addressed, I still think Infinite has some real potential despite the rough launch.

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How could they messed it up, mcc still better in my opinion. Infinite MP annoying as hell right now at onyx.

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MCC you can select servers

Yes you can.
Tell him that not me

SLySLimSLimy, Not at all.
My internet connection is great fiber optic, it works perfectly with everything else, and my ping is 45ms which is acceptable.
The problem is in how the data is managed in the servers, the detection hits and all those things that we already know.

Nor do I live in an unpopular country. Spain is a European country with 48 million inhabitants in which more than 10 million Xbox consoles were sold in the last two years.

Before Azure servers, Halo worked by choosing a player as the host and well, if you had any luck things worked half well.
With Microsoft’s drive to make things global, Azure servers were created and Halo 5 started working with them … and it was disastrous. And it’s still disastrous in Infinite because, hey, maybe it’s not a good system to handle massively multiplayer games. That maybe for business, you don’t need as much speed of calculation and bandwidth and they work great, I don’t know.
In addition, centralizing and computing all that data in specific nodes in specific places little distributed makes that the things you see do not correspond to the things that happen and that in a very fast multiplayer video game such as Halo spells disaster. Only if you are very close, if all the teams are very close, can they play well.

I would also like you to clarify that “an unpopular country” because it sounds a bit racist and xenophobic. Unless this game can only be played by rich and white Americans, of course.


Same way they fLcked up MCC really. The ‘business’ has decided that a half -Yoink!- game needs to be released. Probably because some exec has their bonus on the line. They’ll ‘fix’ it after launch. Problem with this game is that revenue and profits depend on population, due to ‘shop’ - FTP. And if you kill that population because of your shi7ty release and your reliance on community goodwill then this game is basically a dead man walking. It’s not the shop that’s going to kill it, it’s the rubbish hit reg, net code player collision, inability to select regional servers etc. Personally, I’d like to see some accountability in 343 and some people get the sack. This game isn’t ready for release.